Spiritual Awareness: Heal the World Part 2: Kids Are The New Wave.

“A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on.” 
Carl Sandburg

We all know about the innocence of children and how precious that can be. But let’s stretch our minds a bit and consider that beyond a child’s innocence there is a brand new pristine consciousness that they possess. I marvel at the possibility of healthy babies being born with a clear conscious spirit, uncontaminated. When I hold a newborn, I cannot help but think this spirit, this little being, is a pure clean slate of a human being. Babies and young children have a special place in my heart.

Babies cannot speak. They can only communicate by crying, thus informing us of what they are feeling or sensing that makes them uncomfortable. They can read our faces and respond with laughter. They can also feel our energy. Most babies when I first hold them get fidgety and that is because I know they can feel the vibration in my body. I know I can feel it, so I am sure I feel drastically different from Mommy. I was holding a stranger’s baby not too long ago and after the fidgeting calmed down, this beautiful little girl turned her head and started staring at me with such great intensity. We had a great chat in silence. I love having conversations with babies and children through thoughts and energy.

Shayla* was a pretty active six year old I came across at a local tire store one afternoon. Her grandmother was distracted at the customer service counter as she was skipping and running around the tire displays. I just sat there calmly reading my book as she ran around and held the quietest energy and thought: “Come and sit by me.” Eventually, she stopped running and looked at me, came over and sat down in the seat next to me. We then embarked on a detailed conversation about school. When her grandmother sat next to us, she was shocked that Shayla even knew the word ‘biology’. Children are very aware. They are not as “mucked up” as we adults are. They can hear and sense us a lot quicker and more clearly than we think. But I am sure we all know that by now.

So what’s the point? Imagine if we could teach children to hold their awareness and wonder for a little longer, maybe into their adult lives. We know that they will lose the innocence at some point and begin to learn, but what if we can take what we know as we are growing into more conscious beings and knead them gently into our children. I feel that if we are conscious parents or village members, then it’s part of the life process to help a child build, strengthen and hold that awareness up until the day they leave your guidance-ship.

Then they embark on an adult life, and build their own experiences but with a sure knowledge that staying connected to that Force of Life is the best way to have the life that their soul was meant to experience. Can we help a child hold a sense of what they really are into their adult life and never lose it?  

I think so many parents are doing fine jobs of this today. I have no issue talking with the child who is eight with the mind of a eighty year old. A friend’s teenage daughter is one the most aware people I know. She is amazing. And my nieces are fundamentally natural observers. From an early age, absolutely nothing passed them by.

I grew up very aware but I just did not know it, until I look back on my childhood. We played outside barefooted, grounded in the earth. We did not have video games and television was very limited. We read a tremendous amount of literature as children. We grew up around all types of music and played instruments. I got on great with other kids but I liked being alone too and that is where I developed a powerful awareness of God. I know I was aware because I recall thinking about him a great deal. I held most of that awareness until I was 21 and I shut it completely down under a very controlled way of thinking.

Imagine a world where the majority of adults really focused on being  spiritually conscious parents, bringing up children to be more universal thinkers, versus limiting their ability learn all they can by forcing dogma or doctrine into their spirit. I never had a chance to believe what I wanted to because my beliefs were poured into me. If I had a child today I would allow for exploration galore. That spirit would not be mine to mold into what I want, but is only here for me to guide AND to learn from. If you think you are here to solely be a teacher to your child, think again. That child with that new shiny spirit is also here to teach YOU.

The more we as adults become aware and awaken, I am sure so will our children. As we finally grasp what this life is truly about, which is to build a spirit full of experiences and serve others and we pass this on to our children, the world heals and shifts. I am certainly not saying that we will change the world in ten generations. But at least if we are part of a village and one that is conscious then we owe it to these little beings of light to have an opportunity to really experience life.

I can’t tell you parents how to do it. I can just share with you how much I dream about it.

Heal the world. We can start with our children!


*Name was changed to protect a little angel.

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