Spiritual Awareness: Just Trust.

“None of us knows what might happen even the next minute, yet still we go forward.
Because we trust. Because we have Faith.”
― Paulo Coelho

I am a big believer that things happen for a reason. I have come to understand that when some things do not pan out the way we wish they had, it is because something better is on its way. When you are living on Purpose, you will see this happen even more so.

Where I am currently working is a perfect example of something that happened for a reason. This is by far one the best working environments that I could ever ask for, outside of my Aviation Family at the airline where I worked many years ago. I am working with very smart, confident women, led by an efficient Human Resources Director and I am 100% doing something I love. I specifically asked for this experience and it showed up right on time. I sat back and watched it effortlessly come my way.

But there is one major facet of this opportunity that tells me unequivocally that I am in the right place at the right time for a purpose. You see, a few months ago I was trying to figure out how I was going to work full-time, flesh out Vivadivine and devote time to this and at the same time start taking leadership and coaching courses. I figured that some magnificent energy would take over and I would become a supernova and get all the jobs done. Hey! Have you not heard the joke about Jamaicans? We usually have ten jobs. So, in truth, I am down seven.

Well, before I could even put on my Super Girl cape, I was offered an opportunity at work to get back into an area that would lead me in the direction my spirit wants to go. It would mean getting back into facilitating and hands on teaching, something I love to do, because I am a ham and I love an audience. But I would be honing those coaching skills and expanding towards leadership and motivational training. It’s a full circle moment for me, as this is how I began my career in adult learning; as a flight attendant instructor fifteen years ago.  A tiny wish I made to become a flight attendant at seven years old has taken me around the world, given me vast opportunities to grow and learn and is now feeding directly into what brings joy to my life: serving others.      

I have always told you that when you find your passion and begin to live on Purpose everything will show up to help you fulfill the task. It does not matter if what you are here to do is great or small, what matters most is that you do it. Your teachers and taskmasters will show up. Opportunities that are meant to direct your path will appear. Mentors and guides will arrive right on time. All this energy will be directed to you so that you can accomplish what you are here to do.

So as you walk down this path, and certain things happen, say for instance: you don’t get a job you were positive you should have been offered, don’t question it. Keep on moving. That experience may not have been for you. What you will need will unfold in time and on time. 

How do you learn to trust implicitly that things happen right in time?

1. Practice patience. Patience is not about waiting. It is about how you behave while you are waiting. Do not fret, be still.

2. Know that what you need is coming or better yet, it’s already here, you just cannot see it . Things have to fall into place. You would be surprised at all the events that need to happen before yours can show up.

3. When something does not pan out, let it go as fast as you can. Wondering if, when, why, what, or how creates confusing energy. Make peace with the situation and be grateful that it came and went.

4. When it IS happening you will feel it unfolding on its own. You know it’s going to fall in place. Relax. Go with the flow. Let go.   

Why am so convinced that trust works and that you always end up where up need to be if you just trust? Because I recently found out that a job that I thought was perfect for me, that was closer to home, but was not offered to me, would have put me right back in a position of being with someone from my past with whom I wished I could have had a more positive working relationship. I would have been back at square one, going to work walking on eggshells and more than likely not having the opportunities that I am being offered where I am now. But I quickly let go of that situation and sooner than later ended up where I needed to be. I am not lucky. I have just learned the Art of Trusting and so can you.

 These are things that will happen to you constantly when your life is in sync. They will amaze you. They will blow your mind. The answers do come and everything happens for a reason and everything happens right on time.

Just trust!

Live the Life.


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