Spiritual Awareness (Religion): The Post With No Name.

“Belief is the wound that knowledge heals.” 

Well, I had a totally different and well thought out post for today. But that was until I went to The Fountain Of Praise church yesterday to support my girlfriend who has met with breast cancer while on her journey. She is a lover and a fighter and beating her test every day. She amazes me. I am so grateful that she invited me. It was a big step for me to go a place of worship outside of what I grew up experiencing. As I write this, I am sure there are some friends and family of my former belief system who may be having a conniption right about now. In my favorite Katy Perry voice: “I went to a church and I liked it! I am going to tell you why.

I liked it because I finally got a chance to see a form of praise and worship that I have longed to experience. I did not grow up listening to a full choir leading the congregation in praise. This united voice of sound brought me to tears.  I have heard men in my old congregations give good talks, but I have never seen a minister become fully passionate while delivering a sermon before. He spoke truth in way that was rousing and relatable. In the past I have heard discourses that were moving and made me want to put forth effort to basically convert people to my way of thinking. 

However, yesterday I was convinced, it was confirmed and I am resolute that I am on the right path doing the right thing, with un-boundless love and energy. The difference is that now I am not trying to convert people to a particular belief. I just am encouraging people to take whatever steps they need to live the life that their spirit moves them to. By far this is the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life, because it is solely, and completely based on Love.

I am amazed at the similarities in the underlying messages that we hear from different sides of the many coins of religion. It all seems to boil down to one thing: Most of us trying to connect, understand or align ourselves to Something that we feel we are a part of. If you were to really take the time to study the major religions of this world you would find that common theme. However, It appears that things go awry when people within a religious thought, start to believe that their group has a monopoly on “God’s Favor”. 

If you really sit and think about that, it should make you angry. When one set of people say: The Way to God is through Christ, you’re thus nullifying the other ways for other people to find God and vice versa when other groups speak against Christianity or any other religious belief. How fair is that? Does everyone have to be of one faith to gain a "specialness" with God?  The mere fact that humans are a heterogeneous species, should be the biggest clue as to why there are some many religions. It's that way for a reason. How on earth could we all worship the same way? And if we are all different and worship differently, who can honestly day that their way is THE WAY? If you think about it, it is virtually impossible to do. And If you follow that rabbit hole, you just may make some interesting discoveries.

Another thing people fail to realize is that if they were born in another part of the world, their “God” would look very different. But most people who are dogmatic about their beliefs won’t even allow themselves to think that far. As I write this I am sure that former friends would say I have lost my mind. But frankly how can you know any better if all you’ve ever done if believe one thought and never allowed yourself to go beyond that?

And that is why I am most perplexed at people when they seem to miss the one unifying factor when it comes to most major long-standing religions, which is simply love. If everyone would put aside their beliefs for one second, and practice the Love which is the true foundation of the connection we seek, we probably would not have prolific religion. Not one single person was born with a head full of religious teachings. These ideologies were told to us as children and we just assimilated them into our lives and believe and teach them onward.

That continues until that one day, when someone begins to side-eye, question, wonder and ask: Is this really true and how do I know it’s true? Is this the only way? Is there even a way? And thus begins a wonderful adventure in learning and finding out the real purpose behind our existence here! The world is a much bigger place when you bravely step out of The Boxes of Dogma and Doctrine and fearlessly ask for the Truth and using that beautiful brain that Somebody or Something gave you. It is amazing when you remove the in-between and can connect with whatever the Source of Life is and get the answers you need to specifically direct your life.

This is why I liked going to that church, because it made me think. I am no longer a blind believer. Everything is up for discussion and learning! And that makes for some pretty awesome life moments.

Live the Live!


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