Animals: The Other Soul Mate. The loss of a beloved animal companion.

“Heaven’s the place where all the dogs you’ve ever loved come to greet you.”

Recently, I have been seeing many friends who have been suffering with the loss of a beloved animal companion they had for many years. Witnessing their pain and sadness makes one reflect on one’s own experiences which brings up many feelings and emotions. For some, it could mean remembering the wonderful bond of friendship and love they once shared with their animal companion. For others, it may bring back the difficult pain of loss, making it hard to remember the good times they once had. Either way, the impact their beloved animal companion has had on one’s life is often the very first experience many have with death. Death is the one life experience, regardless of circumstances, that all living beings share. Which brings me to this, “How does our animal companions deal with their own ending and what can we as humans learn from this important life lesson?”

 In today’s society, the perception is that anything relating to death or dying is often handled with difficulty or awkwardness. As though our one shared commonality is something to hide from and by doing so, will delay that which is inevitable. Discussing this matter is not only important to understand but should be guided by those who can help us navigate these difficult waters we will all face someday. What better example to show us than those with divine connectivity to begin with.

My own personal understanding is that animals are naturally connected to the ‘other side’. Whatever the ‘other side’ means to you, animals seem to have this ethereal connectivity to it already. How can one know for sure? When an animal seems to understand that their end of life is near, they appear to being resolved to what is happening. I have witnessed it personally as I have put to rest three of my own beloved animal companions. There was an acceptance that was seen in their eyes and felt in their bodies as we were saying our last goodbyes. Their obvious resolve of their circumstance was felt by both of us.

Their example of acceptance can be reassuring for those of us who are not so sure. We can begin to understand that they understand it was their time to leave. Eventually meeting us at the junction of our physical reality and the next step into our otherworldly experience can bring many comfort and a sense of knowing that one’s own end may not be so frightening. That is assuming the life they lead had fulfilled it’s earthly purpose and their time here is over. I am mainly referring to our pets but this can also include an array of different animal beings as well.

How does this life experience enhance our own experience of death? Can seeing a different being’s acceptance of death bring comfort and peace? Or perhaps a sense of relief that we all collectively share the impermanence of our physical lives thus realizing we are only here for a short period of time. Bringing more joy and happiness to the fact we are alive and able to experience this thing called life. I, for one, am better off for having experienced sharing their short but special lives and am a far better human because we shared the need to give and receive love unconditionally. To be ourselves, fully as we are and hopefully as our animal companions sees us too.


Michelle Kilic is a Houston TX transplant, who landed herself there via her work in the airline industry. She is the single mother of one beautiful son and two special animal companions. She enjoys many hobbies that include writing, sewing and is an avid Pinterest enthusiast. When not writing for VivaDivine, she is often found at the nearest park working out both mind and body. She is excited to be able to contribute Vivadivine and connect with other like-minded individuals.


  1. Dear Michelle, thanks for an excellent post! I love it and think that it is important. You share your compassion for animals, pets and dogs with many of us like Eckhart Tolle and myself. I think that we lose the connection to the unseen or other side or whatever you call it during late childhood. This goes not for all of us but children like animals are much more connected to the present and to the universal flow of divine unconditional love. We get alienated to death and the egoic society is cultivating a fear for death.
    I got surprised when I came to read about near death experiences in the holographic universe by Michael talbot. These experiences are so positive and much of my fear for death vanished after reading it. Have a look if you like:
    Page 239 and onward. Enjoy the present!

  2. Thank you Luna6775 for your response! I will look into this by Michael Talbot as I have not heard of it. I agree with your sentiment and I hope that these types of situations will bring about more peace and compassion vs. fear. Enjoy your week! :)


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