Service To Others : You Are Here To Serve!

The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well. 
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Every time I think of Princess Diana and the fact that she is gone, I literally start to cry. She was just one of those people who you could see with your Soul and she had the ability to touch your heart by her charitable actions. I have written about her before in a previous blog post where I included her among women who inspire me.

We all know her story. She was the girl who captured the heart of a charming prince. We watched as young girls what we thought was a fairy tale come true. But in truth even Princess Diana was just as side-blinded as we were when love turned out to be something other than what she had dreamed.

We watched her make her mistakes and weather the storms of her life. We watched her marriage fall apart and the acrimony that it created in the Royal Family. She handled it all as best as she could with grace. We watched her mother William and Harry in amazing ways. We saw her as she  put her heart out there again for love.

However more than anything else we saw this woman slowly transform into someone quietly powerful. It was more than likely through her challenges, hurts and pain that she became a true butterfly. If you have ever watched a video or seen a photograph of her at the beside of someone ill, you will immediately feel truth coming out of her. Princess Diana experienced a spiritual awakening right before our very eyes. In the end her soul came full circle in creating a life of serving others.

You see, the reason why we are all here on this planet is to serve each other. Our spirits are inhabiting physical bodies which challenge us to rise in spirit. You are not from here. You don’t remember, but you chose to be here to learn about love, which is the most powerful force in the Universe.

For those of us waking up, we get it. And that is how we recognize others, like Princess Diana who woke up and started walking a totally different path from the one she started on. That is a sure sign of someone who has realized the true nature of who and what they are.

The reason why Diana deeply touches my heart and those of others is because we clearly recognize a kindred spirit and soul big-sister who more than likely left this Experience before her time. We cry because we ache for her Spirit to be here as inspiration to continue and to confirm the path that we are instinctively walking on. When you look at her example you see the proof of the Spirit and what it is truly capable of achieving.  Because what she did touched  not only those who were ill, but millions of people around the world. She was working with the Power of Love. 

She inspires me tremendously to learn from all my challenges and mistakes. I look at her (along with the fine example of my mother) as a touchstone to grow into the kind of woman I deeply sense I can be. I look at her life of service and focus all my energies on Vivadivine because I know exactly what it is and why it came into my life. Her example has taught me to live in truth despite what happens in the melee. Because in the end it is the people whom you have touched with your truth and love that are important. It is the positive and loving impact that you left on their souls that really matters. You must always try to work hard on serving the interests of others, because as you do so you are serving yourself in the most beautiful way. As you achieve this you will know that you are living the Purpose of your Spirit and the reason for you being here.Your Spirit’s Purpose is to serve. And those who are of service are living in accordance with the power that created us.

Women like Princess Diana walked this planet for a reason, and we should pay close attention to her life. Nothing about it was an accident. It was a story that was written a long time ago that played its way out. It reads like a book, doesn’t it? It is a female version of the Hero’s Journey. The saddest part is that it was interrupted. If she was still alive I can only imagine how much more light she would pass on the world.

May her story encourage you to pay more attention to your life. I hope you discover why you are here, what you are here to learn and how you were meant to serve. Because only when you discover your purpose will your Spirit find its complete fulfillment of peace and you will understand the true meaning of living and loving. And you will live a life so well lived that like Diana, your beautifully honed spirit will live on long after you are gone.

I know why I am here and it is all On Purpose. And I am grateful!

Live the Divine Life.



  1. I am really satisfied to peruse this site posts which conveys heaps of accommodating information, a debt of gratitude is in order for giving these sorts of measurements. Divine guidance

    1. Greetings Kate! Thank you so much for your kinds words and for stopping by and checking out the blog! Much gratitude back to you and wishing you a beautiful day!


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