Awareness: There Is No Plan B. There is Only Plan A!

“If you're going to try, go all the way. Otherwise, don't even start. 
There is no other feeling like that.
You will be alone with the gods, and the nights will flame with fire.
You will ride life straight to perfect laughter. It's the only good fight there is.”

-Charles Bukowski 

I am just slightly behind the curve, a bit of a Jenny-Come-Lately. While most of my peers were discovering and creating awesome lives in their late 20’s and 30’s, I was slowly languishing away in a life I thought was right for me. I lost some time not knowing what I was here to do and I was doing things I was never meant to do. However, I do not let lost time hold me back from where I am supposed to be now. And so it’s full steam ahead. I have less time to complete “The Mission”! (Cue laughter).

When I came across the introduction image to this piece, I had first seen it on Mastin Kipp's (The Daily Love) Instagram account. I immediately had a A-HA moment. It was in that moment that I realized I had exhausted all my Plan Bs, and the only thing I have now is Plan A. My only Plan A is Vivadivine. This is it!

I have no plans to build a big career in the secular industry whatsoever. Oddly, I never really have had that desire in any of my previous jobs. As a matter of fact, I am counting down the days to when I can focus all my time on Vivadivine. During the seven months I was off last year, it was all I focused on. It was just a foretaste of what I believe I should be spending the rest of my life doing. But ironically, what I am doing for secular work now is setting me up to fully accomplish Plan A. I had to go back to work to receive certain opportunities and direction that feeds my Purpose. Everything happens for a reason. So I dedicate myself to what I am learning because I know it’s part of my purpose.

I am sure if you are On Purpose or getting there you can see all your Plan Bs. One of mine was a great career in aviation. However, I could never truly see myself in that industry into retirement. I loved the opportunity to travel the world and I have created meaningful friendships with some amazing people over the years I was there. But I just eventually grew out of it.

Another Plan B was photography. I had a lot of fun with that because it is truly creative expression. I even created my own business and made a nice penny shooting weddings, fashion portfolios and more. I think because I spent some time in front of a camera in my younger modeling days I developed an eye for things. I mostly love to photograph people. But it was that last wedding in Ohio where I came home with over 800 shots that did me in. I was blown out. I gently packed up my gear. I learned to stop putting it out there that  I may start shooting again, because my inbox gets flooded. I still love the art, but I don’t have the passion anymore.

So why is Vivadivine different and how will you know if you are following your Purpose? Here are some ways that helped me to identify that I am following Plan A:

It just feels right to your Spirit and you know you are doing something good for your soul.

You are putting out positive creative energy constantly with your thoughts/actions and that inspires others to follow their path. It also raises your awareness.

It brings the right kind of love, the deepest measure of peace and an abundance of everything into your life.

You feel a strong connection to Source (Something, Creator, God, Higher Power, Flying Spaghetti Monster) and you keep cultivating it.

When you focus on your Plan A it changes all aspects your life. You will shift into a whole new world of people, experiences and ideas.

You would actually do it for free. But the Universe provides so you are never ever in want.

It is something you probably never thought you would end up doing.

It feeds from a particular talent, or a hobby you have always loved.

It grows with you. You are always  learning new things. It’s feels almost effortless. It’s fun.

It feels "meant to be".

That last identifier is really clear to me. Vivadivine is no accident and I did not initiate its existence. It literally showed up in my life. And I am extremely grateful for that. It saves me everyday. It feeds me life and I know it DOES make a difference in someone else's life!   

I believe the majority of people have Plan As. It is the only “plan” that fills our soul and gives us purpose for living. It is tied to our Spirit and our Spirit is tied to its Originator. It just may take some of us a while to identify it. Once we do, we really appreciate how beneficial it is not only for us but to others.

There are so many positives about Plan A that you could probably find some of your own if you reflect on what you are doing with and to your life. I hope this post helped you to see things a bit differently.

So full steam ahead! Plan A! All the way! Yah! Have a great weekend!

Live the Divine Live!


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