The Inevitable Crossroads.

“You are now at a crossroads.
This is your opportunity to make the most important decision you will ever make. Forget your past. Who are you now? Who have you decided you really are now? Don't think about who you have been. Who are you now? Who have you decided to become? Make this decision consciously.
Make it carefully. Make it powerfully.”
-Anthony Robbins 

In previous blog posts I have mentioned that when you intentionally set out to live your Soul’s Purpose the Universe begins to align situations in your life that will assist you in fulfilling your life’s task. You become an open vessel. People and situations with show up, and information will come to you. 

A while back I inadvertently started asking for more information, or precisely, teachers, those who could help me to learn more. When I say inadvertently, it was not a precise request, but more of a realization I wanted to take the next step, not really knowing clearly what the next step was.  Out of the blue, coaching and leadership training opportunities began to show up. I immediately jumped on these chances to get back into the learning and teaching environment. These are skills I will need for further down the road.

The next thing that occurred was specific information, teachings that started to show up in my life, via books given to me by friends. These gifts are always and usually constant, but I started to notice that each book was leading to other books where the information seemed to be building on itself. These are subjects I did not have a full interest for three or four years ago. But suddenly here I am deeply engrossed in an ongoing study program. It was more than just reading, I felt like I was being taught. This was information I needed to know. I was grasping the information easily and it felt mostly familiar to me.  

I eventually ended up at the mother lode of spiritual tutelage. I will not tell you what I have read. Why? Because I believe that if you are on a specific path this information will FIND you. I believe that only when you are ready and able to understand exactly what you have volunteered for and what you are asked to do, your “teachers” will fully show up to give you the educational resources you will need.  Your assignment must be taken seriously. When you decide to submit to Universal Laws and volunteer to help raise the awareness of others you have to be responsible in every way.

And this is where you will come to a momentous cross-roads as I did recently. I suddenly found myself reading something and realized I was being asked to take an important step. This was something that made me stop, put down these ancient texts I had been studying, walk away and not read anything for two days. A huge responsibility lie ahead of me. This is the cross-roads you may reach and I know that when you reach it, you will know you are directly on your path. Everything happens for a reason. It’s a place on your journey that I call “Going for Purposeful Broke!”

Now, if you stop where you are at this particular cross-roads and never go any further you will be able to hold all you have learned and accomplished, but from this moment on you will choose to learn no more. Because to learn more is going to take you to some places of which you have never dreamed.

But, if you listen to the message that you are being given NOW, you will know that you were supposed to hear it. Yes! It will make you stop, because you realize you are about to take a step in a direction you will not return from. Your life will probably change if you keep going. You are being asked to step up in the biggest way. And if you are like me when you realize this; you will find yourself standing in the middle of your living room completely afraid, freaked out and screaming: “Oh My God! What the hell am I doing?”    

It was actually a very funny moment. Because if you’re like me; I was working on my little Vivadivine thing and laying in my bed at night asking God for “more”! Well heck, MORE showed up. I mean, you know it is going to, but it’s just that when it actually does, it really throws you. But more shows up because the Universal Spirit realizes you truly have a good and willing heart and you are willing to go the distance come what may! You have been allowing yourself to be refined and burned in this process. You still go through some painful inner growth, constantly release what holds down your spirit, and accept constant correction. 

This path is not for the faint-hearted. But when you face all this willingly and openly only then will you be SHOWN what you are EXPECTED to do. So if you have gotten that BIG MESSAGE that will scare the pants off you, know that you ARE being used. The message is very clear and there will be no doubt. Think about it. Until this precise moment in your life; have you ever heard this or felt a deep knowing that you are supposed to be making all the moves and changes you have been over the last few years? Do you not realize that is message is the culmination of all those changes?

Know that You are being directed to this moment. And yes it IS supposed to scare you because it’s the biggest responsibility you will ever have. You are representing Love and that is a huge move to make. There is no looking back when you cross this threshold.

It took me about two days, to get past the fear, yes, me, little Miss Fearless Happy Bunny! I was so afraid to ask for what I know I was being TOLD to ask for because I KNOW it’s going to show up. I know it’s going to arrive and soon. As a matter of fact, elements of what I need are already here. But this is what I have heard happens to people who have grown in consciousness and decided to serve others So I know what is happening is normal. If you have been very dedicated to your purpose, very serious about it, doing the intense inner work so that you can become a clear Spirit to be used properly, trust that the Universe is going to take you to some wide open places.

And there is one more thing. When you cross-over that line, know that you will be supported 100%. Those who put their hearts into service are never in want. You will have more of everything that you will need because if you are following Divine Will, you will constantly be fed, clothed, homed and loved. Continue to stay connected to Source as that will ensure that you do not lose sight of your path or lose your attitude of humility.

"Put God’s Kingdom (Serving, Giving, Loving and Creating) first and ALL things will be added onto you"; is a well known and true scriptural statement! Pay attention to what starts to happen in your life when you start to dedicate your life to this simple principle. Things will start to shift in or out of your life and align you to get you in the right place so that YOU can do what it is you are supposed to do. The right people will arrive in your life who are a part of that purpose so you can put your individual Divine Energies together and become Creators to get the job done!

So meet the cross-roads with courage. Swallow that fear. Stay the Path!



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