Spiritual Awakening: It's Interesting Being a Human

“A philosopher once asked, "Are we human because we gaze at the stars, or do we gaze at them because we are human?" Pointless, really..."Do the stars gaze back?"
Now, that's a question.” 

“It’s interesting being Human.”

That was the thought that crossed my mind as I was walking into work the other day. It was out of the blue, so acute, that I stopped for a second. It stayed with me for the longest time. Being human is a trippy gift!

Most people, who snap out of their spiritually unconscious lives and into a new way of living, eventually come across the perspective that we are all actually spiritual beings having a human experience. It sounds very strange when you first consider it, but after a while, especially when you learn that we are energetic at our core and that energy connects us all, it truly makes sense.

Love is the energy that created all things including us. It is our most natural state of being. We are creative and able to love. That is why sometimes we may feel so lost when we see or experience unloving actions done to us and toward other people. It seems so strange to me. Yes, we all at some time or another stepped out of our nature. But it’s when we see it so consistently and deliberately that it jars our souls. Or at least it should.

Deliberate unloving acts bewilder me. War freaks me out. Hate for others for any reason is just so strange to me. People being unkind when they don’t have to be is bizarre. And yet to some people, they never even blink an eye when they see, or when they themselves show a lack of consideration for another person’s feelings. 

If you are not careful, these types of people will make you think something is wrong with you for your incredulous reaction to their attitude.

And so maybe that is why when that thought popped into my head, it startled me. While I am certainly human, it is my spirit that governs me. I am a lover, connected to the Ultimate Source and I am constantly checking myself to see if I am on the right track. It takes effort in a world where others have forgotten what they really are to stay centered. I think about what I do and say, for the most part and the more aware I become, the more responsible I have to be about adding love to the air and not depleting it. It is true. What you put out there, does returns to you.

In this time that we are living in, great changes are happening. People are waking up out of illusory lives; there is a huge shifting going on. For those who are growing in awareness we know where things are heading. The world we live in cannot sustain itself if the inhabitants do not learn the proper way to love. It may seem that for eons mankind has been living that way, but unless you are paying close attention you would not know things are shifting. But they are. Because something has to give.

So I would not be surprised if more people have that same thought fall into their heads, out of the blue as I did. It’s a surreal moment when you stop and look around and realize, it’s interesting to be human. I know when I shared the thought with a few of my friends; they took a moment to let it sink in.

Sit with that thought for a moment. Quietly look at the world.
If you are aware, it will really sink in. Always thinking without a box!

Live the Divine Life.


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