Spiritual Awakening: A Whole New World!

A whole new world...A new fantastic point of view!
I would say that one of the best things I have experienced in the past five years is definitely higher level of peace, love and friendship with the people in my life. As each day passes, the temperature, personalities and attitudes of the people who are closest to me absolutely make my heart explode. As a person begins to grow into who they really are, they begin to emit this unique energetic signal, that only those who walk on the same wavelength can hear, clearly.

I read something recently that this awakening experience that many are having is in fact a way of building a New World with a whole new set of basically Universal Citizens. We have all heard that term thrown around at times. But have we really sat and thought about what it means on a personal level?

I whole-heartedly believe I am creating a New World for myself and in that world there are specific types of people and experiences. What if I tell you that in my world, it’s extremely peaceful, calm and drama free, would you believe me? I cannot recall the last time I had a “problem”, similar to some melodramatic situation that I may have had in a distant past. Everything over here is “cool runnings”.

The things I talk about with the people in my world are up building positive and always stretches the mind. Most of the people in my life are in full learning mode. Many are living on Purpose and growing into amazingly emotionally intelligent and balanced spirits. It is a joy to be around people like this 95% of your time! You certainly attract what you are!

Of course within this experience there are situations that don’t appear to be changing, such as war, poverty, racial tensions and illnesses, etc.  I see these as clear as day, but I do not absorb them as much because I understand why they exist. And because I know why they exist, I spend my time trying to encourage others to serve, so that more people can make the shift. When you are constantly looking for solutions, and ways to help others, you tend to see things from a different light. You can also see the effects of helping a person return even faster because you are working with collective inspired energy.

No one is self-absorbed in my world. We are all living outwardly.

Our minds have been programmed for a very long time to think a certain way, and that has always led to feelings that translated into thoughts that created mini-worlds that really never served our souls. Part of this awareness that has been steadily growing over the past 20 years and is accelerating more recently is an attempt to shift us up. Many of us have one foot in the physical world and the other in the spiritual.  

I can tell you since I fearlessly shifted both feet over in 2013 I have felt an amazing difference in my psyche. And I know of many others who are going through the same hyper aware-happy life. We are creating these amazing experiences from our childhood dreams when we were our most innocent. And it is real.

Hopefully, as you shift further up in the way you think, you too will be able to create a whole New World for yourself and those you love. You’ll look back your Old World and think: “That world needed an enema!”

Have a great week!

Live the Divine Life.


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