Spiritual Awareness: Animals Online: An Internet Phenomena!

“Dogs come when they’re called. Cats take a message and get back to you later.” – Mary Bly

One of my favorite things to do during my down time is to surf the internet to find and watch different animal videos posted online. Many include funny videos between animals and/or humans or some are of heartwarming stories of reunions or rescues. They can either bring a smile to my face and make me laugh so hard that I’m thankful I’m in a secluded place at home or can make me cry with such deep sorrow or thankfulness that a box of tissues is always required. Animal videos are so popular, they are some of the most sought out videos on the internet. Their ability to go viral is so prevalent, it may take only one day for it to spread to millions of viewers throughout the world. Social media, YouTube and other outlets are the things ultimately responsible for this occurrence and I, for one, have been grateful for it many times over. Without this direct availability, what are these videos other than just fun personal attempts at being one’s own director?

So, does watching all of these animal videos online have a direct impact on our view of how we look at and treat animals? I can attest that the answer to this question is a resounding yes. All of these animal videos have had a major impact on the way we as humans look, see and interact with animals directly. There is something about having constant, direct, access 24/7 to these videos that has inspired me and brought about change in my own humanity.

What have we learned that we didn’t already know before all of these videos? That animals have emotions that are so much more varied than we ever gave them credit for.  That there are whole communities of humans, a kinship if you will, dedicated to animals around the world that I would have never known existed.

One of my favorite examples of this type of community is a farm sanctuary called The Gentle Barn. Because of social media, I was able to learn about this special organization who rescues abused or abandoned farm animals. They show pictures and videos of their rescued farm animals and seeing the animals miraculous changes over time from having been abused to becoming happy, loving and trustworthy of humans makes my heart smile.

I’ve watched people share their funny pets antics, inspirational animals with disabilities that have other special capabilities. Amazing rescues of animals close to death, and inter-species interactions that lead me to believe there is so much more to the story. All of these views compels me to seek out a deeper knowledge of their lives and thus inspire others to do the same.  All of this and more in these funny and moving animal videos. It is times like these that I believe the tide is changing with our relationship towards and with animals. Witnessing it online verifies for me that other humans are also sharing in this awaking process too.

There are so many animal videos online it would be impossible to watch them all, however, I do encourage people to go online and find one or two animal videos that doesn’t change your heart or make you smile, at least for a moment. You just may be surprised by what you find.


Michelle Kilic is a Houston TX transplant, who landed herself there via her work in the airline industry. She is the single mother of one beautiful son and two special animal companions. She enjoys many hobbies that include writing, sewing and is an avid Pinterest enthusiast. When not writing for VivaDivine, she is often found at the nearest park working out both mind and body. She is excited to be able to contribute Vivadivine and connect with other like-minded individuals.


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