Spiritual Awareness: I Probably Should Not Be Telling You This!

“Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you, say what you’ve got to say, and say it hot.”
 ~ D. H. Lawrence 

I should know better by now; that whenever I receive an invitation to attend a worship service somewhere; there is something I need to hear. So it went, when my friend invited me to Sunday service at Unity Houston. The best way to describe Unity of Houston is that they “offer positive, practical teachings that support spiritual evolution and abundant living.” (website)

I have attended lectures and workshop events at Unity before. They have brought to Houston popular spiritual teachers such as Deepak Chopra and James Van Praagh. However, I had never been to an actual worship service. I have to say, it was probably the most unique experience I have had to date, since I have made it a point to experience the different ways people worship. There were numerous actives before and after the service, that I would say were not traditional of most churches. But I found them very interesting and did not hold back partaking!

During the service Rev. Howard Caesar recounted a recent trip he took to Brazil to visit a well-known spiritual healer. Basically his sermon was about trying to accept things that we have a hard time seeing with our physical eyes. Witnessing spiritual healing is something that truly takes a spiritual mindset to believe. As he was telling the story, he said: “I don’t even know if should tell you all this…” What he was trying to say was, it is sometimes hard to tell people things that are clearly real that occur, but he knew that sometimes people have a difficult time believing what they cannot see, or understand.

Well, this is when the lightbulbs went off for me. I have felt the very same way, especially more recently due to the type of information that I have been exposed to. I truly believe that the reason why I love to read is because it leads me down paths most people won’t traverse. Also the things I read I know the average person may not read at all. And it is in these recent texts, I have stumbled on things that only confirm what I have always sensed was the truth about my soul and very possibly, yours too.

However here is the rub: I have felt like just can’t tell everyone what I now understand. As I was reading what was mostly ancient text, I kept getting this feeling that said: “Tell People!” At the same time I was saying in my head: “No way, Jose! People will freak-out!” But just like Rev. Caesar, if you have had an experience that is profound or come across information that will help people live better lives, but it would seem unbelievable to share, you will balk at first thought about sharing it. But then after a while you realize that YOU have been presented an opportunity to speak up.  By speaking up you may be changing someone’s life for the better.

Over the last few weeks, I have been speaking up. I don’t believe it is entirely my job to TELL people what to believe. But I could share what I have come across that some of you may find interesting. What I can do is drop a seed here and there. Part of this journey for each person is about individual discovery, as each soul is different and has specific lessons to learn.

Everything happens for a reason. I DID put it out into the Universe that I wanted to be an active participant in helping others become more aware. Therefore I know that what I have been learning and what is being taught to me is not only for my good, but for the benefit of others.  And like Rev. Caesar I plan on quietly dropping the clues that may hopefully lead to a big beautiful picture that will change EVERYTHING you do about your life.

What I have learned has helped me tremendously. It’s not entirely new information, but I can tell you most of us do not know this, just by the way we live our lives. Heck, I did not know any of this, but now that I do, it has changed the way I live, work and love. Life is beautiful, peaceful, easy, no struggle and actually flipping exciting! Everything now makes sense!

As you travel on this journey, you will become aware of things or have experiences that could help another person. Please find to courage to speak up. Be brave. If you take that chance you may be helping person discover something amazing about who they are. And that’s what your soul was meant to do; serve another.

Live the Divine Life.


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