Awareness: Collective Observation -What's Happening NOW!

“A lot is happening. But you won’t see it if you are living in the past or fretting about the future.
Once you sit in the Moment of Now, in this moment you’ll start to wonder:
What IS this life I am living all about and is it really good to my soul?” -DPM

Today, people are becoming more aware of what is in front of them and are acting with decisiveness. If you don’t have a clear vision or an idea of what you want in life, or the experience you want to have, then you are going to falter through the rest of your existence. If you don’t have the courage to take a risk, then you will lose. If you are not brave enough to speak up, you will lose your voice. If are afraid to move forward and grow, you may lose your place.

Recent conversations with friends and strangers alike have really opened my eyes to the pace at which people are grasping the importance of living and acting NOW. The energy that is motivating many is growing. The shift that people are feeling in their lives is very real. Gone are the days of playing games to get what you wanted. Today, people are changing the game, doing things and living in a more specific type of awareness. They can see every thought leads somewhere and it is the Quality of the Thought that changes a life. By doing so, more and more people are manifesting the rewarding lives that they have always dreamed of, NOW.

As I speak to people (and maybe it’s just the attraction factor of my world), more people are doing work that they love. People are defining their purpose and creating opportunities to make a change for the better. You see more people putting out really worthwhile information that is substantive and encouraging. And those who are sitting on the sidelines are stepping up more than ever before. It’s all about the energy that people are focusing on putting out there, making a positive contribution to the environment.

People are finally moving toward developing truly healthy relationships that have meaning, purpose, direction, growth and commitment. People are not settling for second best as they may have once (or twice) in the past! Many are working more on themselves, and as we become healthier emotionally and spiritually we have better relationships with each other. Healing, self-worth and paying attention to how we love and treat ourselves first is a topic I hear all the time. People want the best relationships that they can have, ones that have been elusive to them until now.

You cannot have the relationship that feels really good to your soul until you become the best attraction factor for it. It does not work any other way. People are figuring out that they will only attract the same level of emotional/spiritual maturity as they hold within Them-Self. They are learning that in order to achieve that type of relationship all work or any type of healing starts within. This is very important; because if we can shift into more healthy emotional habits we will have better relationships that actually feel good and have true longevity. These are the foundations of our communities.

There is a reason for the upswing in positivity. Positive people function by consistently, regularly and with dedication looking at things from a higher point of view. This in turn changes their words and actions. Thoughts, feelings, words and actions are all forms of energy. Basically these people are walking in a vibration that is less in density. It’s easier to be happier when your thoughts and your life is lighter.

These are some of the things that are happening NOW. As I said before, maybe it’s in my world of Law of Attraction, but I am also meeting many of the younger generation who are more awake than those of us in our 40’s and 50’s. It’s encouraging to hear a twenty-something get it and get it NOW. These are young people who are doing things differently, making strides, rising above the pop culture, serving others, really thinking about things and will be our leaders of the future.

They are focused on making life meaningful and purposeful! They have fun, but they are not frivolous in their thinking! These kids "get it" in a large way! These are the aware children of now-conscious parents. Do you know what it is like to talk to a sixteen year old about philosophy? It is amazing! It is important that we adults who are catching on do everything to encourage the awareness of this wave behind us.

With every turn in human history for over millions of years, there always is a form of evolution. It truly is evolve or die. It is the fittest who survive. In this case survivors (and “thrivers”) are striving for emotional intelligence, health and clarity. It is also about being aware that we are more than our physical bodies. When a person finally taps into their spiritual reality, their life will change. As enough people start to do this, a lot of things will change.

A lot is happening around us, but to see it you have to free yourself from old beliefs and the fears attached to those. You have to start asking yourself questions about your life and why you are here. You have to step back and look at governments and religion and the roles they have played in our lives.

You have to really be brave and listen to that inner voice that is prodding you to awaken.  You probably won’t see the things so many of us are seeing until you do. But when you do, you will understand why everything now is so important.

Living in the moment! Now!

Have a great week!



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