Spiritual Awakening: Thoughts on Shifting!

Everyone has an opportunity to raise their awareness. It’s not limited to a few. It’s a choice. If you choose to make the effort, there is a tremendous amount of support to get you there.

The thing is most people don’t really realize they are “asleep” until they “awaken” and in truth many will meet resistance within the Self when they even consider waking up. And they have reason to be skeptical and to raise the question: “Is this the latest New Age craze?”

It’s not anyone’s job to encourage or force an awakening on others, however this experience is somewhat unique and that is why many people are sharing what is changing in their lives. As one person makes the shift, it creates a shift in others. Because we are all connected, you will feel the effects. So whether or not you want to awaken, you will feel that there is something happening to you on some level. It is openness and lack of fear that allows for a full spiritual awakening.

You will either start shifting by association (yes, the energy is that powerful), or based on inner callings that you may not even know you have, will cause events in your life to shift.

If you choose to take the chance, to make that shift in your life, you may discover some very interesting things. If you thought you were peaceful, you’ll feel it on a much deeper level. It you felt you were productive, you will have a different type of energy to utilize. Your thoughts will shift, your mind will expand, your understanding will broaden, your actions will change, you will feel like a completely different person. You will also come to truly understand what love is and how this is the energy behind the massive shift that is occurring.

It’s a very interesting time to be alive and to FEEL alive. It’s not our imaginations…but then again, is it? 


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