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Serving Others: Purpose Comes In All Shapes And Sizes!

It is the soul's duty to be loyal to its own desires.
It must abandon itself to its master passion.
-Rebecca West

Recently I have been traveling a bit for work, meeting some of the folks who work behind the scenes in the real estate service industry. In one of the production centers I met Sandy*.  She is a Title Examiner. When you decide to purchase property through a title insurer, her job is to make that there are no issues such as liens, questions of ownership, or unpaid taxes on that property.  

Frankly, I was completely lost as I was interviewing and observing her as she worked. I honestly do not think I would have ever crossed paths with a title examiner if I had not gotten a job in this field. But here was Sandy, completely excited about sharing with me what she does for a living. She told me how she got into the business many years ago and left it for a while. But she loved it so much that she returned to it and has been an examiner for over twenty years. It made me stop…

Awareness- Animals as Teachers: ‘Soul of the Elephant.’

"You know ... they say an elephant never forgets. What they don't tell you is, you never forget an elephant." -Bill Murray

Recently I have been watching the television show, Nature, which airs weekly on PBS. The program essentially is one that highlights different animal species, their natural lives and the major issues surrounding them. My son and I often watch riveted not only by seeing these beautiful creatures up close but also how much knowledge has been acquired by conservationists, scientists and animal experts. Much of the knowledge obtained has taken years to uncover, but overall there seems to be one resounding commonality we share in our journey on this planet: we have more in common than not.

For a very long time, scientists were very leery about allowing human emotions and concepts about animals cloud their scientific inquiries and they are rightfully fearful in doing so. Humans often project incorrect human characteristics onto animals and have been doing…

The Power of Feminine Energy.

People are talking about it: Hillary Clinton running for President in 2016. Personally, I am pretty neutral when it comes to politics, but I have been watching this play out since 2008 when she and Barack Obama were running against each other. I had already told my friends years prior when I saw Barack Obama speak at the DNC, that he would be our first black president. Now as I watch things play out, I have a funny feeling that we are looking at our first female president on the horizon. However this post is not about politics or whether or not Hilary is qualified for the office. I mention this issue because it highlights a growing trend with women globally and if you are paying attention you may notice it.

The Feminine Energy is on a surge. You don’t believe me? Then look on your social media pages and look at who is consistently using their voices for change and awareness.  Pay close attention to the way they are doing it too. Women have always made strides. Since the feminist move…