The Power of Feminine Energy.

People are talking about it: Hillary Clinton running for President in 2016. Personally, I am pretty neutral when it comes to politics, but I have been watching this play out since 2008 when she and Barack Obama were running against each other. I had already told my friends years prior when I saw Barack Obama speak at the DNC, that he would be our first black president. Now as I watch things play out, I have a funny feeling that we are looking at our first female president on the horizon. However this post is not about politics or whether or not Hilary is qualified for the office. I mention this issue because it highlights a growing trend with women globally and if you are paying attention you may notice it.

The Feminine Energy is on a surge. You don’t believe me? Then look on your social media pages and look at who is consistently using their voices for change and awareness.  Pay close attention to the way they are doing it too. Women have always made strides. Since the feminist movement started there has been a shift in the way women live and express themselves. But in the last 20 years there has been a steady rise in the way we say things and what we are talking about. Between 2001 and 2014 there have been 17 female Nobel Prize winners, the largest jump since 1901. Women are increasingly more present in business and politics. And if you look very closely you may even sense a shift within your female friends as they become more aware.

I have written about this before, but it was not until I had to study the subject that I understood why this is happening. It reaches deep and far beyond what we see on the surface.
Here is it in a nutshell.

A long time ago, a bunch of men realized that women were extremely powerful. They realized that women held the Power of Creativity, the power of Change and Transformation. The most obvious way through the ability to bring forth life. So these men began the subjugation of women, and by doing so for eons have offset Creative Balance. We have lived in a society of unbalanced male dominance and unnecessary female submissiveness, thus holding back the planet from truly evolving. There is so much more to all this, but there is not enough time to get into it in this post. I could pull things apart and share them with you and when you see the big picture you will see clearly how we all have been feeding this sickness.

But, the tide is turning. Women are awakening first, so that the energies will be balanced. Thus men awaken to the truth that supporting and encouraging feminine energy actually is beneficial and leads to the progression of the planet. The creative energy is love. When women live and learn to love themselves first, it starts a chain reaction. We cannot continue to behave a certain way and expect men to treat us differently. As we reaffirm our self-worth and learn how to gently, but firmly exercise that Feminine Energy, it encourages the male energy to ignite the proper way. This unified energy expands and touches every soul and leads to an elevation of awareness.

That is why as women, we have to think about everything that we do as we awaken, because it impacts all peoples. We have a responsibility in the way we think, and thoughts lead to action. We have to be aware of the messages we are putting out there and be aware of how certain messages can feed progress or hinder growth.

How we interact with men at this crucial time of self-awareness is very important. As we learn to love ourselves and hold ourselves responsible for our lives, then it carries over to men. As we shift in our awareness, they will shift from an unconscious state and learn not to fear the power in women. They grow into the supportive and encouraging roles that was always the divine intent,  thus starting a constant creative flow.

Men are Manifesters. Women are Creators. We were always meant to create together and not work against each other.

So ladies, keep shifting. Be secure in knowing that your movement has an important purpose.
Gentlemen, shake off the drowsiness. We need you. Work with us toward real change.

Pay close attention women in the next few years, you will see the awakening trend steadily growing. Watch as events unfold next year. If Hilary wins, things are going to get very interesting.

Have a great week, gods and goddesses.

Keep a finger on the pulse…



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