Awareness: The Spirit of Oneness.

I died again in Paris, France on November 13th, 2015. I've been dying for a million years, and so have you. I have chosen not to hate, over a million years. I mourned again as always for innocent souls caught in the middle of the absence of love. And so, I choose to continue loving again, today.

How am I able to do this, and how are you? I am able to do this because of the Spirit of Oneness.

The Spirit of Oneness, the connectivity to everything in this Universe and beyond is what enables so many of us to feel the love, joy and the pain of every single being that exists. It is a part of the Journey of Life that comes over you when are connected to the Source of Life.

Those ahead of you tell you that there is a place where you will suddenly feel the connection you have with everything. Most people feel it but never really clue in that it is a natural part of your existence.  However, if you are very aware of who you are, you will begin to feel it even more. You grow into this place as you walk your path. You will feel at one with the Universe, the planet you are on, the nature that is a part of it, the animals and the spirits that inhabit this place. It is both real and very surreal.

I first felt this oneness on September 11, 2001 during the attacks in various cities across America. At the Pentagon, in a field in Pennsylvania and in New York as the buildings collapsed I felt my life flow out of me. I have felt it during times of war when those who have sacrificed their lives were taken from their families. I have felt it so many times before in differing ways, but now it’s an intrinsic part of me.

I do not care about who, what, where and why. I am not concerned about the governments, the media, the theories, the conspiracies or the lies. My only concern are the thoughts of those who on the cusp of their spirit about to unshackle from their physical form before their true timing, trying to make sense of WHY.  

If you have tapped into real Love, then you would understand. You would understand how some of us shut down and cry rivers of tears for the countless innocent lives that are disturbed, violated and taken from them. You would understand that your life stops, just as theirs have. You would understand that it’s a big deal to us, because it’s natural for us to care. So we disappear, go off the grid, so that life can be honored properly.

And so how do we, those who chose to live every single moment in full awareness cope with the reality that hate can be just as powerful an enemy of love? When we lay in our beds bawling our eyes out, how do we keep trying to make a difference? Our only recourse is to do one thing: keep on loving. In our small world, we keep on doing what we know is the right thing to do. Will it change the whole world? Who knows? But at least those who are left behind know that we will not know buy into the hate. At least we can walk with those left behind and hold them up in comfort. At least we can honor those who were taken, broken, beaten and sacrificed and tell them: We are sorry! Your life is still important and we will carry on for you, in love.

This is the Spirit of Oneness. This is the fundamental TRUTH that we are all One. Until you embrace and realize that is who you truly are….that you are One and come from the Ultimate One then absolutely nothing will change.

When you hurt, I hurt. When you hate, I choose not to, that is Balance. And when you die, I die too. And when you love, We Celebrate!

May your week be full of gratitude for the ability to grow in love.

Live in Awareness!



  1. Love is all that matters! The most important thing in your life. You can lift a thousand towers but if you don't do it from love or out of love it is worth nothing for the world. The love you are giving is transforming is changing is creating and building up. Good, beauty, joy and everything positive comes from love. The love you have been giving will help you and come back to you during your hard times and lift you up. The more you love the less you will fall and with the time you will fly! :) love is what is connecting us and unifying us to a unity.


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