Awareness: Tips to Harness Happiness! Part Two.

“Happiness is something that comes into our lives through doors we
don’t even remember leaving open.”
-Rose Lane

Picking up where we left of from the last time, here are some more tips on how to harness your happiness.

Hang out with Cool Peeps.

Spend time with people who nourish your Soul. Seek them out. Our friendships should be places of sanctuary. Pay attention to how you feel around people. You should feel good most of the time and the interaction should be positive.

Try to broaden out your friendships. Have lunch with a coworker you don’t speak with very often. You may be surprised at what you may learn about them and yourself.

Ask for cool people to come into your life. Awakening can be a solo practice for a while because you are shifting into a new way of thinking and leaving some people behind for a while. Ask for more people who think like you to come into your life. Stay open, and will be surprised.

Avoid or Manage Negativity. 

If being around a certain situation or someone where you know intuitively that your energy level has changed and not for the better; RUN!

Here is the reason why. We are ALL bundles of energy constantly interacting with each other. Everything on some level is an exchange or receptor of energy. If you constantly put yourself in situations with people who hold more negative energy than positive, you will be drained and absorb some of that negativity. You also attract what energy you are holding.

So look closely at who comes into your life.  Pay attention to what comes INTO your space and the energy that comes with it.

Energy is real. Always protect yours, which leads us to the next tip.

Raise Your Vibration.

Everything starts with your thoughts. What you think of either raises or lowers your vibes. Thoughts of love, gratitude, peace and abundance will make you feel better, thus raising your level of energy. When we focus on loss, anger, objects of our frustration, lack, then we naturally feel dumpy.

There is so much that we have to be grateful for now and for the future. Develop the habit of seeing the best in EVERYTHING, after all life is about learning. Think of the good and not-so-good as lessons.

Focus more of your thoughts and energy on all that you have now. You are not lacking anything. Keep your thoughts of the highest order.

Enjoy The Moments of Letting Go.

There is something powerful in releasing things in your life that no longer serve you. You know what they are and you know when you are to use the Power of Goodbye.

Whenever I talk to people having a hard time releasing something that is hurting them, I try to reach them by asking:  “Why are you holding on to something that is hurting you?” Where in the heck did people ever get the idea: Gee! I am not going to let go of this even though it is HURTING ME like crazy!?! Hello, it is hurting you! That is why it’s called Pain-FULL! Let go!

Here is a big hint: Pain is an indication of either something needs to be released or healed. Once people let go of whatever is causing the pain, they start to feel better. Amazing, isn’t it?

Hopefully some of these tips will help you to harness some happiness. There are more tips coming, so check back soon.

Till then, keep Living in Awareness



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