Awareness:Tips to Harness Happiness! Part One.


“You can shed old skin in no time. Just keep rubbing against the stone.”

I know that in under 365 days of persistently moving toward a goal of happiness, it can be achieved.
Here is Part One of what I discovered were some of the ways I intentionally harnessed and honed happiness in 2015.

      Discover what you are passionate about.
There is something about discovering your Life’s Purpose. It is something to look forward to, that when you are engaged in doing it you get a natural high from it. Most LPs in some way or another serve or brings joy to others. It’s something you do solely and soulfully from the heart. It feels intrinsically good for your Spirit. I am building the house of my Purpose on glorious brick at a time and it feels amazing. To know what you will be doing the rest of your life and that it brings joy to your soul in everyone's natural birthright.

       Do work that you love.
So many people have a secular job that they absolutely hate going to every day. When you see these people, you can tell it’s creating a strain on them. If at all possible, seek employment doing something that you can get up and go to work every day with being depressed or feeling ambivalent to what you do for a living. If you cannot, see Number 1.

When I say dream, I mean Active Day Dreaming. For instance, I day dreamed and I imagined where I am today. Life was not as peaceful and happy as I wanted it to be a year ago. So I started to actively day-dream about how it would FEEL to be where I am today. Day dreaming is lightly visualizing the things in life that would make you happy and how you would feel once you have achieved them, which leads to Number 4.

       Ask. Believe. Receive.
Here is something crazy. I am at a place on my journey where I just think about it and stuff shows up. It’s becoming so uncanny, it surprises even my friends. When you ask for things always ask for the things that are “in-line with your spirit”, that is best for you or fit into your life’s purpose. You want the right things to come to you and not things that will derail your walk and bring negativity into your life. My new favorite saying is: “Let God hook you up!” When you ask for what you need, let go, release and know that it is coming. It takes the pressure off of you. Plus you will have way more fun in life when you not wondering if, when, why and how something is coming. Be open to being sweetly surprised.

       Get to know Thyself
This will require some alone time and if you are at a place where things in your life are not blending together and feeling good most of the time, then you may need a lot of time alone. The hardest thing for people to do is face The Self. It’s the voice that whispers our truth to us that we get distracted from hearing, sometimes intentionally. You won’t know where you are supposed to go, what you are supposed to do unless you get quiet and allow your soul to really speak to you.

        Hang out with Cool Peeps all the time.
Spend time with people who nourish your Soul. Seek them out. Our friendships should be places of sanctuary, not a Drama Dancehall. Pay attention to how you feel around people. You should feel good most of the time and the interaction should be positive. Also, broaden out your friendships. Have lunch with a coworker you don’t speak with very often. You may be surprised at what you may learn about them and yourself.

Check out Part Two soon for more tips on how to harness and continually build your happiness.

Until then, Live in Awareness!


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