Spiritual Awakening: Living In Spirit!

“You do not need to work to become spiritual. You are spiritual; you need only to remember that fact. Spirit is within you. God is within you. ” 

Living by Spirit means to do *NO- THING* without Divine Direction. There is  no “leaning on your own understanding” or doing things “your way”. Every decision, especially crucial ones, you ask for that direction to be your Soul’s Guide. It means to surrender to the creative energy of life and allow that power to move you, completely.

It takes a very quiet spirit, an acute ‘inner ear’ to hear that direction. When you are quiet, and when you are clear, is when you will feel the “no’s” and the yes’ very clearly.

When you learn to listen to Spirit you very rarely (if ever) will make a miss-step. That’s because you are essentially asking for the spiritual (not physical) outcome to whatever situation you are facing. There is no back and forth when it comes to spiritual direction. When you first hear the answer or directive, it WILL NOT change if you query again a week later. There is no inner-battle, grasping, nor wrestling when you are led by spirit. You just KNOW what is the right thing to do and you do it or do not do it.

As you recognize the consistent benefits of unfailingly following and living by that guidance, it will be something that becomes FIRST nature to you. You will realize you are never being steered OFF your path. You are actually walking directly ON path. That is why things will start manifesting in your life at a much faster rate. But it’s really not only manifestations that is happening. It is frankly your life falling into place. It is happening because you are finally doing everything your Soul was meant to do and experience.

Events will start to unfurl and unfold. You will start to feel like suddenly you know where you are supposed to go and why. Some things will start to fall apart so other things can fall together. Situations will come to conclusions so that what is meant to be will move into its rightful place. You will start to feel as if: “Something good is coming!” Listening to that guidance 100 percent of the time keeps you on track. That is why when people are living solely by Spirit, they are consistently happy. They are not worried about the unfolding of things. They already KNOW what’s coming, because all they have to do is glance back for a second and see what just fell into place! These folks are very focused on their experience and interacting with others who are of the same inspiration.

Those who hear and heed higher guidance, their thoughts are clear, and their actions are balanced. They are progressive and always moving forward, never looking back, because Spirt CREATES in a forward motion. Those who live by Spirit will notice their lives will start to expand,  whereas before it once felt very resistant, unfulfilled and constricted. But most of all those who walk by Spirit finally experience that feeling that absolutely nothing is missing from their lives.  

You are walking in your true and powerful state of being, finally! People who live by Spirit are living. Completely. 

Live in Spirit. Live in Awareness!


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