Awakening: Fantastic Journey!

“The best part of the journey is the surprise and wonder along the way.”
― Ken Poirot

This past weekend I attended the annual CYCLE Houston Bicycle Build. CYCLE which stands for “Changing Young People’s Lives through Education” has an awesome ideal. This charity encourages children in grades K-3rd, to keep up their literacy skills for the current semester. As a reward, they receive a bicycle that was assembled by one of the many volunteers over the weekend and upcoming week.

This is the thirteenth year that this event has been held. However, since 2002 the bicycle giving program has morphed. Whereas it was once an event where lower income children received a bicycle for the Christmas holidays, today they are awarded the gift because of hard work. Today this program does more because it encourages the spirit of reading and learning in young children and is directly contributing to their inner growth.

The growth and change that this charity has gone through from once being known as Elves & More, to its rightful name CYCLE is amazing. It made me reflect on how the path from a spiritual awakening to full awareness is ever changing and morphing. It also made me realize that it may take a while for someone to fully settle into exactly what they are meant to do in life and eventually be able to call their purpose fully realized or fleshed out.

On a personal level I have witnessed and I still am, the many shifts and curves my life has taken since 2010. While some things are consistent, such as the blog (I don’t think I will ever stop writing), I have seen my spirit slowly find itself and settle where it exactly needs to be. A life of service is intrinsic to my soul. As I will share in a future post, I had instinctively tried to serve at other times in my life, but the ways in which I wanted to do so failed me. So there is no surprise that when the timing was right I naturally evolved to where I am today. How I want to spend my time serving and with whom make perfect sense to me now. However, I had to go through a discovery over time of what really moves my spirit to get to this place.

This whole process of awakening is solely to get you to return to who you truly are. We get off track, sometimes from as early as childhood. Finding our way back to our true Self is the journey. People may ask themselves: “What is my purpose?” or “What am I here to do?”, because some people really don’t know.

From my experience, the minute you start asking that question, you will set into motion events that will take you on that road to discovery. Also listening to Spirit has really helped me to identify where I am to go. I took notice of what kept showing up in my life, and what I loved to do. Next year I believe I will be settling in to the full call of my spirit.

So if you are wondering who you are and what is your complete purpose for being here, trust me when I tell you, get ready for the reveal. Have no doubt, when you finally shift into who you are and what feeds your soul, it will be like coming home.

My request for you is that I hope your life is morphing in the most beautiful way. I wish you a fantastic journey to getting home to the amazing YOU! I am very excited for you!

Have a great week!

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