Awareness: Tips to Harness Happiness! Part Three.

"Most of us are just about as happy as we make up our minds to be."
-William Adams

Forgive Yourself

Confession: I was always forgiving others (which felt kind of easy) but hardly forgiving myself. So I started really paying attention to this whole process of Forgiving Me. It started with: “I forgive you Deb, for every time you were being a total and complete idiot.” We usually forgive people for the big stuff that happens, but never really give the small things the same importance. But it actually starts with doing that for ourselves. 

I forgive myself in those rare moments I do want to or actually give someone more than a side-eye. I forgive myself for those times I could have said or done things differently. I forgive myself when I allow the truth to run ahead of me (Damn Perfectionist). I apologize to myself for not doing things that mean something to me, like not making eye-contact with someone as I passed them by, because it does bother me. 

We have to forgive ourselves for the big and small screw ups and missteps, so we can do the same for others.  Work in progress, people. Progress is the key word.

Read /Listen to Music/Watch Expansive Programming

No one is ever going to say you should read the classics or some major tome. However, reading is fundamental to your mind. It could be A Cat in the Hat or a single word from the dictionary daily, just try to put something into your head other than what is on social or mainstream media. Whenever someone says they don’t like to read, I know it’s because they may not have found of a topic that interests them. Reading IS fundamental to growth.

Give yourself a chance to listen to music that you would not usually tune into. Yes, it may be odd to listen to a genre that you usually do not. But there is a Magical Power to sound and music. Trust me on this. 
And I love the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones as much as I developed a love for The Discovery Channel and NatGeo. 

Of course, I am a rabid fan of Super Soul Sunday and Master Class on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). The content is always thought provoking and inspiring. Feed the soul good media as much as you can.


Fall in Love with Divine Love

Let go and fall. Fall in love with yourself, first. Fall in love with your Life. Fall in Love with the Force of Creation, and become avidly fascinated with whatever IT is. Fall in love with nature and fall in love with Animals. Fall in Love with Food. Fall in love with People. When you fall IN love all kinds of insane and amazing things will start to happen to you. As I mentioned in the previous article, situations and people started showing up in my life at faster rates, when I opened up to the true spirit of love. 

Opportunities to have some amazing experiences have surfaced in my life. This is all happening because as my beautiful friend Heather Strang recently said: “It’s not so much that things are just manifesting. It’s that you are living more in line with Spirit and your purpose for being here. So everything that is showing up is because it is supposed to.” 

It’s all because I have fallen one hundred percent in love with everything and everyone, literally. I know that sounds crazy, but I am very love focused. 

The Universe runs on LOVE, people. So the more you learn to love and get to that truly natural spiritual of being, things in your life will fall into place.

Do you have any personal tips about reaching and sustain happiness consistently? Write down your favorites and share them with us!

Have a great weekend! Live in Awareness!


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