Positivity: 2015 In Review

As another year wanes, I always like to take a step back and look at the outgoing year and do a quick review.

2015. What a year. I believe this is the year that many will look back and say this is the year it all started. I say this because, I observed not only with my life, but the lives of others, things really shifted and changed in many ways. The slow wake-up is upon us. It can only get better from here.

For me it started off with a great deal of energy. There was this momentum that seemed to start early in the year. It only picked up speed. I saw so many people following their hearts and making the moves to do whatever it was that they truly loved. All of that energy just created more and it seemed to push many of us into directions that we were truly not expecting.

Toward the middle of the year, things shifted again. Many of my friends including myself seemed to be absorbing large amounts of information that touched our souls. I recall reading something so profound about the human spirit that it shut me down for days. The desire to learn and understand how to walk this journey certainly grew. 

The amazing realization is that you are not alone on your path. Regular conversations with close friends really drove home the truth that this growing awareness IS real. People’s spirits are shifting. Every time someone changes an aspect of their personality for the better, it affects everyone. Those of us who are very sensitive tend to feel it the most. It’s a constant awareness that comes from all directions.

As the year started to close, I discovered that a few of my friends had been making some personal dedications. Were we all on the same wavelength? The comprehension of what it means to be in service to others was brought home to me, with such a clear focus. And this is where I saw a personal trend in my life unfolding over the past year. I finally saw with clarity where I should place my energies when it comes to helping others. I asked to be of service and the assignment finally came.

This was my first official year of applying the concept of walking in Spirit. I have always had a very close relationship with whatever that creative force is. But for the first time, I suspended my flawed leanings and solely listened to my inner voice that is linked to the energy that is behind all our existence. My life has been forever changed because of this. When you align yourself with the force of creation and when you learn and understand the laws of the universe and how they affect  you, it will change the way you live.

There is a distinct tone that becomes clear and it resonates through love, and a peace within that is very hard to describe. You will be able to discern very clearly when outside influences are the culprit of any disharmony you may experience. Once you grasp the discovery, you can then move quickly through it.

For me it’s about being my best and whole spiritually so that I can do what moves my soul. It’s about trusting that guidance when it tells you where to go or not go. It is guidance that protects and preserves the soul.

This year was full of lessons, epiphanies and revelation. We learn so much about ourselves and others when we take the time to own our truth and be our authentic self. In full authenticity, we are able to look at ourselves with an honest eye, and love who we are today and embrace who we are growing into becoming tomorrow.

This was a big year to utilize the energies to make those honest changes our spirit needs so we can enjoy the life that we were always meant to live. Knowing the truth of your soul is certainly knowing who you really are. Knowing who you are helps you come to the understanding of your soul’s purpose and all that your soul needs. Once you know all this, you step into your spirit’s pace and walk your journey with confidence, knowing everything you need is already with you.

If you felt this shift this year, I am very glad for you. And if you did not feel a shift, trust me when I say, you have shifted but you may not be fully aware. We are all connected and so you are being moved whether or not it is apparent. Know that when the time comes and the shift is most important to your spirit, you will feel it.

As a new year approaches, I hope you are looking at it with excitement. I am. I am excited for what is about to unfold in my life because I know it’s about to bring  full meaningfulness and direction to my life.  You should be excited too. As the pieces of life finally start to fall into place, one cannot help but be excited for what is to come. I have always said: If it feels good now, imagine what it will feel like five years from now. So hold that thought and run with it.

If you have not written down your personal goals for 2016 I encourage you to do so. Ask for what you truly want and only ask for what will be of true benefit to your soul. As you go through the year, revisit those goals to see if you are on track with your Soul’s Desire.

Promise yourself that you will build on what you have started and always look forward to more love, joy and peace to appear in your life.

I personally wish you an amazing season of fellowship, family and friendship. May 2016 be a touchstone in your life and I ask that you are carried to the places where your heart’s desires that resonate with your soul are fulfilled.

There is one more post for the year. Stay tuned! We are going to encourage you to live SMART for 2016 and beyond.

For now, Always live in love and awareness.


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