Positivity: How To Live SMARTER in 2016 and Beyond!

“All who have accomplished great things have had a great aim, have fixed their gaze on a goal which was high, one which sometimes seemed impossible.”
~ Orison Swett Marden 

I could not decide what to write about for the last post of the year.  There are so many things that have occurred in the last twelve months that has shaped my life and I am sure you feel the same. I wondered, should I write about the many lessons and blessings that have unfolded for me, with hopes that you too will find something that resonates?

There is no doubt that we all can find something to take away from the outgoing year. Lessons and blessings are both very important to our inner growth. What we learn we can take with us into the future.  But instead of looking back, for a change, let’s talk about now and peer a bit into the future to see what we can do to broaden our experience, to harness our lessons better and to plan for growth.

At the end of each year many people set resolutions. Resolutions in fact are really goals. For me personally goal setting has been part of my life for many years. I set these markers in my life, day to day, week to week; you get the idea. My short-term goals are centered on my life goal which firmly I set in 2010. My life goal is to leave this planet, better than I found it. I am going to leave this place knowing that I have lived by the universal mantra of love and living a life of service to others. I keep telling my friends that I am not doing this again, thank you! So I had better get it right. It’s a very focused goal. From this aspect, I have set my other goals.

I recently coached a group about goal setting. To show them how goals are important I stated that I was fulfilling one of the goals I set for 2015 and that was to start the process of becoming a spiritual/life coach. By me standing in front of them, it was proof that goal setting is successful if you apply a simple methodology that I love to use.

Whenever you set goals, any goal be SMART.

SMART goals are:

Specific: Cut to the chase. Keep the goal very simple and clear. (“I want to start coaching this year”.)

Measurable:  Track your progress. What will you do to have this opportunity come to life? (I opened my big mouth and my boss gave me the first push. It was downhill from there.)

Attainable: How will you make it come true. What will you do to make it happen? (I started to look for all kinds of ways to learn and to progressively work toward accreditation.)

Realistic/Relevant: Can you see the dream? Is it real to you and are you willing to work for it? And can you identify the reason WHY you have made this goal? (I can realistically see myself being part of a collective of people who are focused on helping people change their lives. I am building that with Vivadivine.)

Timely: Make a commitment to the goal. Take short timely steps and build on those. (In less than 10 months from the opportunity being placed in my lap I have done 3 types of coaching sessions)  

Now you are probably wondering how do goals and lessons and blessings tie into SMART goal-setting? Whenever you set any goal, you are working with intent. You are putting out energy to have something happen. When you are putting out anything positive, especially anything that builds spirit, you are harnessing Universal Energy. To achieve that goal you will pull toward you all the lessons AND the blessings that will help to make that goal a reality.

We can set specific goals for every single aspect of our lives. We do not have to guess, wonder or live by throwing caution to the wind and hoping something sticks. We can set goals to have love come into your life under such specificity that will probably blow your mind. We can set goals for your family. We can set dynamic financial goals that will yield returns. We can set any goal and reach it and much faster especially if it is fully in line with Divine Order. Just make them SMART!

The key is to always ask for and reach for things that build up our spirit and the spirit of others. Keep in mind that the universe runs on love and service and upholding the dignity of all living things.

And here is a spiritual secret that will expand your life: Make it a goal to use some form of physical or mental energy to serve others. That single goal however large or small will have a tremendous effect on your life and naturally the lives of all whom you touch!

As we go into 2016, we can make a real difference if we put some honest effort into our lives, by making some truly meaningful goals to guide us. There is a big air of progress and authenticity to the energy of 2016, just as this was a year of change for many. This year was about making the adjustments that will allow us to harness the right energies to our lives. 2015 was about getting into the right space. Now since that has happened for many, it is going to be easier to craft a very rewarding life full of all the things our hearts desire and that fits perfectly with our spirit.   

It’s time to get into the wonderful flow of life by sitting down and crafting our lives in a way so that we can enjoy the beautiful experience of being Spiritual beings Living the Human Life.

Wishing you a wonderful and fulfilling 2016! Always Live in Awareness.



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