Raising Your Consciousness: The Lighter Body Evolution!

“You are not your body. You are the sum of all your actions, and they live on after your body dies. You may be mortal, but your brand is eternal.”
― Jarod Kintz

As part of my effort to shift into a place where I am expressing my journey as authentically as possible, I want to start sharing some of the spiritual aspects of developing a lighter, happier soul and body. The reason for taking this step is because I have noticed quite a few regular responses or questions to the Spiritual Awakening Symptoms on the Vivadivine YouTube Channel. It is evident and will always be, that people are searching for answers to the physiological changes one can go through as you shed old energy and grow into a lighter happier person.

However beyond these initial symptoms of awakening there is an even more extensive array of physical manifestations of spiritual evolution that one can experience as they open up more to Universal Energy.

Here is a thought for you to ponder. Spiritual beings beyond the physical world in which we exist do not use the five senses to interact with each other. They use spiritual senses that for the most part we humans hardly ever utilize.  I have spoken about this before in discussing the 5 most common “clairs”. These extrasensory abilities will tend to frighten people who are still enveloped in a cloud of superstitious thinking. They will tend to think these abilities are bad or wrong, not fully realizing that every single clair is linked to our intuition, that powerful guiding force inherent within us. However, for those who are evolving and spiritually growing, these senses are natural and become heightened as we spiritually grow into who we truly are. They become an integral part of normal everyday life.

I have conversations with others who in everyday life are consistent and focused on working with creative energy. With these wonderful folk, it has become quite usual to live as much in spirit-mode but still humanly grounded, and they experience some mind-blowing events.

In my personal experience, I have many times come out of “an event” wondering: “Is it live? Or is it Memorex?” Energy is real and palpable and if you are sensitive enough you can feel or hear thoughts from a mile away, or further. You can feel someone’s energy sit down next to you, though they are not physically there, just because they were thinking about you. You know if someone is going to show up or call you within minutes because they popped into you head. The lighter you are, the faster this will happen to you. You can become so sensitive that you literally feel the energy of your manifestations coming together like a puzzle falling into place. You can feel negative energy viscerally; the emotions of others, their depression, ills, happiness, joy and practically any mood within your own body. Your mode of communication has now become so spiritually integrated, that you have started to use both your physical and spiritual senses all at the same time.

But the most important experience that you will have is the ability to have direct interactions with advanced energies and actually experience them working with you to clear your etheric body and help you to become lighter and more efficient.

I have friends that when I tell them about my experiences they look at me in shock. They don’t experience what I do. The level and clarity of the interaction I have completely confounds most of them. But then in my circle of friends, I tend to be lovingly known as The Asker. I want to have all the tools I need to effectively fulfill my task here.Therefore, I make it a matter of daily putting my intent and request out there. This is not a part of my life, this is my life. Meditation, education and invoking a spiritual heartfelt desire are my primary ways of staying open and aware. As beautiful as things can be here, I want off the planet. (Smile) The only way feasible for me to do so, is to pass my task proficiently and learn the lessons my spirit has to so I can get to see what else is out there in the vast universe! When you operate from that mindset and soul attitude, you will get the help and the inspiration to do the job. Sounds logical, right?

When you are united with others and dedicated to the Universal Cause and you are deliberately and responsibly raising the consciousness of this planet, you will be supported and always given what you need.

The reason I am sharing more of this is because others should know of the possibilities that are available for you to utilize for the betterment of your Spirit and the uplifting others. There has to be an awareness of what happens AFTER you awaken and go through the initial symptoms. If you decide to actively be a part of the growing awareness that is happening, then your spirit is going to shift through some changes that may seem startling at first. But it’s all to assist you to take up that mantle and walk effectively. You will have what I call “spiritual upgrades” and you will feel the effects. You will feel more efficient, clear and light.

You will become balanced logically and emotionally. Your thoughts, attitude, behavior and speech will slowly start to reflect the personality and attributes of the Source of Life. While you will feel just as human, your thoughts will shift faster into spirit mode. The things that are densely physical will feel acutely different to your soul as more and more you see things from the spiritual perspective and learn how to integrate them into physicality properly. Everything will change. You will change. Everything gets better. You get better and it becomes very evident to others that you are moving very fast. You are aligning with that creative energy because IT wants you to get closer and closer to its vibration.

So stay tuned as we open up more on the blog about these topics for the New Year. Also join us on Vivadivine YouTube as we will share with you more of what we as a team are doing to play an active role in assisting global awareness. We are spreading our wings so that you can fly with us.

Till then, continue to live in awareness. Peace.


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