Consciousness: 2016: Welcome To The Rest Of Your Life!

Humankind needs to understand the uniqueness and purpose of Earth, and the directness that it has in its evolution.

Welcome to 2016. Welcome to the rest of your life.

If you are reading this with a sense of anticipation, let me tell you that you should be very happy that you have successfully made one of the biggest shifts of your life.

One of the goals for Vivadivine is to finally shift into full disclosure about what has been a few years of collective learning amongst a group of people whose awareness has been consistently growing. We have been ensconced in what has been a learning experience that has now culminated into a point where it can be shared more openly.

In 2015 there was a tremendous amount of energy to initiate change. The planet is shifting and so are all of us who are residing on it. Outside of the planet there has also been a concerted effort to raise the collective consciousness of people. So if you have been noticing over the last few years changes in the way people are thinking and living it is not a figment of your imagination. The energy of 2015 was to shift people out of cyclical patterns that have been in existence for eons. The goal was to shift the mindset to one that is higher, lighter and freer.

For many of us who ended up discovering the changes that are occurring are real and have been part of a larger effort, we started to fall into the shift early last year.  Because of the assistance that was energetically available, this shifting was fast, definite and surprisingly easy. Anything that was vibrating on a level that was dissimilar or even lower suddenly fell away. This left a space and freedom for more positive energies to fill that space.

We suddenly were being shifted into better places professionally. Some of us started the shift up into the spiritual and healthy relationships that invigorate our souls. We broke patterns, cyclical habits and negative attachments to situations that will have no part of the mental direction we are headed to. Many of us started to walk in Spirit and could actually ‘hear’ the direction more clearly.
But whenever a huge leap in consciousness occurs with many people, it tends to disturb those who are still somewhat in slumber. So toward the end of the year, the energy shifted once again and we all felt it. Suddenly things we had shifted from started to show up to insert one last hook into the progress that we had made. There was also this discordant energy that started to arise. People felt frantic because on a soul level everyone knows that something is happening.

As many of us crossed into the beginning of the year, instead of relief that 2015 was behind us, there was more a feeling of celebration. 2015 was amazing; there was nothing that could take away from it. But we all could not explain why we just know we had all accomplished something amazing and that from this point forward our lives will be remarkably different. We all realized that none of us were doing anything that we had been doing around the same time last year. We are not even remotely in the same place. We are not anywhere near the same people. It felt like all those people had fallen off the planet, their energy was gone!

It feels like we crossed over into another world. A world where it is so peaceful and a growing sense that we won’t have to worry about disharmonious energy again. And this is why our lives will start a catapult into where they were always meant to be. This is why we will be thinking differently, sounding differently and our why lives have been getting progressively better every single year! All our choices are the right ones, because our  minds are in a higher way of thinking!

And that’s when I remembered what I had read in one of the many books that had come across my path last summer. That was when I put the pieces together as to why out of nowhere this information had come to me precisely at that time. In one of the books I ready it clearly stated that due to the shift in dimensions and conscious thinking that it will feel like there are Two Worlds.

The world that we have shifted FROM is where things will stay the same, where if you have not made the shift you will still be stuck in a loop doing the same thing with the same people and having the same experience. This is called 3rd dimensional thinking. It is a place where fear and ego are still in full sway. It is a material world, a world of rule and conditions of all forms.

The new world is vastly different full of the right experiences and outcomes.  It is a 4th or 5th dimensional way of thinking. This new experience is where thoughts-feelings-words-actions are consistent all the way through. It is where it every decision is the right one. You cannot mess your life up because you can see all the options and outcomes very clearly.

It is a definitely peaceful and a much more loving place. There is no need to control. There is less attachment to things to identify with or to people for validation. It is a more spiritually energetically based environment which is why so many people are having energetic experiences from within and outside of themselves. You are lighter, younger, happier, freer and more living in line with your spirit and much closer to unselfish love. It is a world of balance.

What is happening is very real. If you have been paying attention to what those in the spiritual world are doing you would understand that this is all a concerted effort to work with what stands outside our physical world to bring this planet into balance. This has not been done before. But what I learned helped me to understand that it’s a very important effort that affects the universe we see and beyond. That is why people are making a pointed effort to encourage people to rise in spirit. It is part of our responsibility to raise awareness. That’s why there is a drive toward collaboration and service; it’s a part of creating universal energy to move things along.

That is why the tone of this blog and all things attached to it will change; because the time has come where we can finally share what we have known has been unfolding. As mentioned in the previous article, we will be opening up and sharing with you the things you may experience as you shift closer to love and the Creative Energy that is behind everything you see.

Please know this is a grand adventure that you have embarked upon. The minute you woke up your life was meant to change. The changes that you will experience will open your mind and heart to the amazing potential and the truth of who you are and your place in all this. If this resonates with you, then you are part of a very Conscious Class.

Enjoy the New Year and the rest of your life. It’s about to be an amazing ride!

Live in Awareness!


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