Consciousness: The Grand Purpose Unfolds!

“When truth sayers have the courage to say the emperor is wearing no clothes, whether you agree with their point of view or not, send them love. They are to be acknowledged for speaking their truth.” 

We sit back and we observe the movements of spiritual awakenings that have been accelerating for the last few years. For many, the initial process is disconcerting, full of physiological changes and personal upheavals in people’s lives. But then there is that point of breakthrough and the symptoms smooth out and the calmness creeps in. The soul naturally works its way to peace. In a previous article we discussed what one can expect after awakening and the soul gets back on track. But there is a much grander purpose this awakening and the ongoing walk, or for some, a race toward enlightenment. Everything is being accelerated for a reason. This is why so many people are waking up!

We are only afforded the information when our souls are ready for it. Nothing comes to us before its time. There is a universal preparedness that must occur before anything that is a part of the big picture falls into its rightful place. Imagine given information that your soul could not comprehend? Of what use would it be to you? You may get this information and not understand it clearly, try and impart it to others and it will only confuse those who listen to you.

The  force behind the amazing shifting that is occurring on this planet is orderly and divine timing is pristine. Therefore when your soul ‘gets it’ you will be very ready for it. When it comes it will be marvelous.

What we want to begin doing at Vivadivine is to alert you of the importance of asking: “Why have I awakened?” Why has my life changed?” “Where is this leading?” and “What is the purpose to all this?”.

Many of you have been going through a radical evolution over the last few years. You have been shifting. This is all happening for a Grand Purpose. You are being led to things and away from certain situations. You soul is moving in the direction it is because it is answering a certain call. If you are aware, all you have to do is look back at your life and your experiences. Look behind you to see the people who are playing a part in the grand experience. If you notice, many of them are suddenly evolving and at a remarkable rate.

Those who are evolving around you are speaking a very different language, behaving with higher standards, and doing everything in their lives in Spirt. This is how you know that you are part of something bigger and very important.  You belong somewhere, doing something important, with very specific people! Pay attention!

Those of us who have remembered, who are moving in the Original Frequency, are past those realizations. Now what we are doing is whispering in the ears of those of you who are standing still, looking around somewhat aware something is happening and that you are part of it. You are standing still, (or fidgeting) because you are listening, waiting for an explanation or directive to move. Your soul wants to move, but you feel you may need answers.  If you need empirical evidence, then feel free to ask for it. The answer is sitting in front of your very eyes. The answer is quite magnificent. This answer is already inside of YOU!

Once you remember as we do, and understand what you are a part of, you will then completely shake off all the shackles that are holding you, instantly. Everything will make sense. You will see the straight path finally after running in circles for a very long time. You keep running in circles because you feel insecure. Know that fear, get familiar with it and realize that it is meant for you to push past it.
Because truthfully, you will know exactly why you are here, what it is you are here to do and how to accomplish that task.

You are a spiritual being on a human journey, for a specific reason. The answers will come clearly when you decide to move fully and fearlessly in the direction that your soul has been inching toward. When your soul reaches Information Destination, you will be amazed that you knew your purpose all along.

Those of us who remember are promising you this.

Have a beautiful week, loves. Live in the amazingness of awareness!


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