Consciousness: Listening and Walking in Spirit.

“If a man is to live, he must be all alive, body, soul, mind, heart, spirit.”
― Thomas Merton

I have to warn you about walking in Spirit. I have to let you know that when you surrender to the force that created every single thing, your life will fall into place in ways that no human hands could have ever accomplished. I also can tell you when you finally start to hear things clearly, your mind will be blown!

For those who remember what it is that we are here to do, to experience and to learn, there comes a point where you know beyond any doubt that you are being guided the entire way. When you understand your true spiritual nature and begin to ease with it, every answer is given. You will get out of your own way, stop blocking your soul blessings and allow for the whole journey to beautifully unfold.

You have planned the whole adventure you are on and your Soul Desires are attributes that are encoded in your soul as part of the journey of growing your spirit. For the most part we do not recall what we put into place before we came here. The density of this environment created a certain separation and a form of amnesia. So we come here a bit lost and stumble along the way, until things and people show up to jog our memories and guide us along the way.   

It’s in the moments when we are trying to put all the pieces together, when we are struggling trying to understand an aspect of our life, when we are not understanding the whys, that the Spirit is patiently standing by our side. No, I mean it is LITERALLY standing right there, waiting for you to ask for help and direction for the very situation you cannot wrap your mind around. And when you ask for understanding that is when the magic begins.

The answers start to come. Maybe a random person walks up to you and says something that sounds odd but familiar. Maybe you read something that stops you mid-sentence and makes you think. Maybe nature sings you a song you have not heard in while. Or maybe you suddenly feel a strong sense to get quiet in your soul and then you will finally hear the truth start to speak.

People have remarked on my funny smile, positive vibes, joy and happiness. They have commented on the way I just take everything in life in calmness and peace. I don’t worry about the unfolding of my life as I used to. I don’t try to make things happen with a lot of unnecessary energy, I don’t have to! That’s because I have come to understand that I planned this whole amazing event and that since the Spirit knows, all I have to do is relax and I know what to do and where to place my feet.

Of course, I was not always like this. Like many people I was trying to make life happen, wrecking my brain trying to figure out the next move. But once I realized that some Things were working with me on my best behalf, I allowed them to have the fullest opportunity for them to do their job! When I started to see, feel and have some jaw-dropping spiritual experiences I realized that I was being guided.

I could tell you about some of these mind-blowing moments, but I want you to start trusting so you can begin having your very own. I want you to stop banging your head on that wall, over-thinking, wrestling in your head and heart. I want you to go find a place of solitude. Sit there and just know that there is an army of love standing all around you. Then just ask them to help you begin to understand who you are, why you are here and where you are going. They may tell you to get out of your own way and listen!  

To hear them you have to have a teachable and humble heart, because you don’t know a single thing. It is they who are way ahead of you because they are still in Spirit. You are the one who is stuck in a physical body, who does not fully recall the experiences you have set in place. You also do not fully remember the contracts you made with the other souls who would help you learn the lessons. You are living in a place where fear is created and you have forgotten you ARE love and that you can always trust it.

Taking those first steps of walking in Spirit may fill you with a bit of doubt. You are so accustomed to not seeing things obviously happen. But you have to go beyond faith and KNOW that they are there working with you and are on your side. I guarantee you will start to notice life going in another direction. Being led away from something means you are being led toward something. Life will start to fall into place; it will start to feel secure. YOU will start to feel secure. What you planned will start to unfold with ease and a naturalness, and then it will all start to come back to you.

To walk in Spirit means to live. It means that you are stepping in stride with the Truth of your Soul and working along with all the amazing guidance that has always been waiting for you to stop, drop and listen!

Don’t believe me? Walk in Spirit for 30 days. Get still. Meditate and listen. Prepared to be amazed!

Have a SUPERB week!

Live in awareness…live in Love.


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