Spirituality: I'm Awake! Now What?

“What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.”
—Abraham H. Maslow

The highest viewed videos on Vivadivine YouTube are those that discuss the signs of a spiritual awakening. Since they have been on broadcast for over a year, views have more than doubled at an astonishing rate (based of the short time the channel has been available). This indicates that people are become more aware that something is going on and they are experiencing some of those odd physiological and emotional changes. If you are still in the awakening stage, hold on to your hats because 2016 is going a busy year, even busier than 2015.

While signs of ascension are a good thing, most people would probably find it difficult to gauge what to expect AFTER the signs subside. Everyone's experience will be different. Subsequently, it’s important to look past the initial stages of awakening so we can fully enjoy the process of growing into our spirit.

Recently a reader reached out to me about her journey. It was not surprising that she was having her share of challenges, because having your spirit start its shift is not always a bed of roses. She made the comment that she “just wanted to get through the madness to her bliss”. It’s true, that there is a place where things do settle down to a nice peaceful pace. However, there is some work to do. Along with the beauty of awakening there is responsibility.

It is crucial that we do not get attached to the idea that when the symptom process works its way through you, waiting at the end is your own personal never ending Utopia. From my personal experience, I tend to believe that everyone becomes aware for a reason that is usually revealed to them in time. I have had friends who have awakened and spent time once the dust settled, to just simply breathe, before they made any decisions to explore the meaning behind their experience. Then there are people like me that once I started to feel better and I got a good understanding of my symptoms and what was truly happening to me, took off like a race horse out of the gates and exploded in my experience.

Rest assured you will move past the symptoms and to that place where you start to inquire why this whole process even started in the first place. If you were just to wake up out of spiritual slumber and just walk around this world, eventually you would become bored. You shook of the old restrains for a reason.

The bliss that you feel does not only come from the shucking off of the craters that were laying on your spirit. It comes through the continued and elevated way you will start to think, learn and live. It comes from discovery of who we are and enjoying the moments of learning new things about ourselves and our true nature of spirit. As you lean more to right-minded and right-heartedness and make better decisions, life begins to feel better. As you fall more into the real rhythm of Universal Spirit (God) you will feel the peace. But at some point there is a realization that there is more to be done with our lives. It is in that moment that the truth emerges as to why this whole situation unfolded.

If you have a diligent and willing spirit and you feel the urge out of joy and gratitude to do more after your awakening, things can happen very fast for you. I have always believed it to be so that the speed of your transformation is relative to your depth of desire. I know on a personal level since December 2013, I have catapulted into places that I never thought I would in a short time frame. I have grown in leaps and bounds spiritually, faster than I ever have even though I spent the majority of my life in a firm set of religious beliefs. I have experienced more spiritual interaction as time passes, enough to convince me without doubt that beyond our physical sight lies an amazing world of love, power and energy.  

My life has taken on its natural pace and I go effortlessly along with it. I discovered the path that is specifically for me, and learned how to navigate it effectively. It is all because I did not let the initial symptoms become a hindrance. Once I understood what was happening, and knew there was something beyond them, I was ready when they started to die down. I understood there was a reason to all this and opened up instantly to the possibilities. 

So, it is important that you remember that within your spirit are the specific keys that will help you and only you to unlock that door to your future beyond the awakening.
Remember the initial symptom process lasts as long as you hold on to it. No one is telling you to rush things. But I will tell you exactly what was said to me: YOU ARE ASCENDING! That is your wake up call. It means to play an active part in the process. Ask for help to move through, or ask for help to slow it down. Work with the energy that initially prodded you from sleep so that you can move to the next phases.

Beyond the beginning where you were rubbing the sleep out of your spiritual eyes is ownership of your journey. And  you decide how it will go.

Live in Awareness! Live in Love!


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