Consciousness: Your Owner's Manual!

“In the book of life, the answers are not in the back!”
― Charles M. Schulz

Can you imagine discovering information about yourself that is so profound it could change your life? What if you found out exactly why you are Here and what it is you are specifically supposed to do? When you discover the Truth about your Soul, you begin to start living fully in accordance with its precepts. The more you are aligned to who you are, the more in sync you will be to Universal Intelligence (God). Do you really know what that means? Just imagine what life would be like if you found The (Insert your name here) Owner’s Manual! Well guess what folks, it is more than possible. It is real.

I won't bother telling you about the typical wild spiritual circumstance that led to me being shown my Owner’s Manual. But I actually saw it! It was pretty thick. There was so much in there that covered what has already been achieved or done for me, and what more is coming up. Even though it was in book form and had a beginning and end, I knew that there really is no end to this.  Everything that is written in the book is happening for my spiritual advancement and because I keep asking to be used for the Greater Good.

Every single soul on this planet came here with a purpose. The goal is to remember what that is. Once you do you will start working toward fulfilling it. It is in the discovery that the magic happens. In order to fulfill that purpose you have to work in tandem with the Source that sent you here in the first place. That means you will only become a balanced being. You will  be able to maintain symmetry with your physical self, while integrating your spirit. And the integration is pretty mind-blowing. Once you discover who you are, why you are here and what this entire experience is about, your life will completely become clear. You will drop all manner of human foolishness. You will stop wasting time. You will stop playing with Life. It is a knowingness about everything you are supposed to do and not do. You can identify every direction you are supposed to go. You know it all while at the same time knowing nothing at all, which is a state of constant learning. One day when it all finally clicks you will sit down and actually say: It cannot be this easy?!?!

Yes it is!

But you had to go through all the dark parts of the experience to get to the brightest parts. That is what the whole awakening is about. You are waking up for a specific reason and it is pretty big. And this is not only about you, this is about every person whose life you touch. Because people are going to want to know how it is you are free, happy and successful at everything you do. It is also not just base happiness. It is an awareness of who you are and that in itself makes life a celebration. And as you learn more from your Owner's Manual, you live by better…no, the RIGHT choices. Why? Because you become an ace at making only the best choices for your Soul. Because you see all the outcomes and choose what is best for your Soul's preservation. The Soul! It is the vehicle that drives your Purpose. Your Purpose is to learn, love, show others how to do the same and serve others by uplifting them, in a way that is specific for you!  

I have been told the acceleration that is happening is being felt more by those who are regularly sifting their souls. These forerunners in humility of the recognition of the grand task are the people who make it a conscious commitment to keep refining the soul. It is second nature to move through the upgrading steps in their Owner’s Manual. These are the people who always ask Spirit: Am I on course? Am I fulfilling my duty to work alongside all things that are working toward raising the consciousness of Earth and its inhabitants? Are my motives self-less and where can I improve? Am I helping or hurting the Ultimate Goal?

Those who push forward, get deeper into their manual faster. The evolution is as progressive as the determination of the spirit. Seeing this Spiritual Document is what convinces and propels one forward, with no intent of looking back at an old life.

So again, imagine if you found the Manual that was all about you, that told you everything you need to know about how to live your life, who you are, what you planned out for your experience here and HOW to go about achieving it…How badly would you want to read it?

Live in Super-Duper Awareness, loves!


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