Discovering Why You Are Here!

“There are two great days in a person's life - the day we are born and the day we discover why.”
― William Barclay

The well-known quote: “There are two great days in a person's life - the day we are born and the day we discover why” is attributed to theologian William Barclay. It is one of those quotes that if you have actually discovered why you are here, it would make perfect sense to you. As a matter of fact to discover why you are here can be very relieving.

It is difficult for most people to accept that there is a specific purpose to our lives and that our existence is by no means happenstance. Everyone came here with a purpose, and the goal between life (or lives) and death is to figure out why. It appears most people don’t come fully into that space unless they come into some level of enlightenment. For most, life is all about “birth-living-death”, and in the middle we adopt this belief that there is a set way to live based on what we see around us. Then life wanes and we die.

But what would you do, how differently would you live if you discovered that prior to your birth, you actually chose certain parameters to experience between that birth and death, for the sole purpose of growing your spirit? How well do we pay attention to human life and not wonder about the parallels that exist beyond our limited physical mind?

 Could you consider that at some point your soul was brand new, and as a newborn human baby, your soul had to go through its own growth to reach spiritual maturity? And that one of the avenues to accomplish this is to visit this amazing school called Earth? If you could sit still for just one minute and ask yourself: What truly is the purpose of life and can we really learn it all in one lifetime? Have you ever felt like you had the ability to learn, endlessly? Or, are you struggling with something you cannot seem to overcome? Have you ever stopped to wonder, why? Could it be that a situation you are going through, or a person you may be interacting with, is an indication of something that your spirit has come here to learn?

Day to day living shrouds and distracts us from stopping to think about all this. Routine life and all its unnecessary attachments can dull our thinking and we believe this is it and there is nothing else before or beyond. Unless we are jarred into an awakening or shifted into one, we may never even consider on a deeper level what it means to discover why we are really here. But once you do, it sets things up quite differently. The person who comes to discover why there are here and realizes that they have been learning the important spiritual lessons all along, starts to live fully in spirit. They grasp that one of the main lessons is to learn how to manifest the spirit via the physical body.

When you sit back and peer curiously at life, you will find that it is actually amazing. Every single being on this planet from every different attitude and background is here because they need to learn and grow. When that thought sits calmly and firmly into your mind, you will start to live your life in a way that is truly an inspiration. Life becomes meaningful, rich and full of purpose. You will feel the connectedness between you and everyone else, knowing that we are all student/teachers in this dance.

Your compassion for others will grow, and your desire to judge becomes minimal. Every soul is at a different stage of learning and our soul ages are different. This helps us to be kinder to younger souls trying to figure things out and cherish our old souls for all the wisdom that they have attained throughout the eons of time.

Our human lives are a reflection of where we are in our spiritual curriculum. And wherever you are is cause to celebrate, because you are always growing to your best and Highest Self. But you have to put in the work.

It is a great and wonderful day to know why you are here. That knowledge is the soul’s search answered. It is a place of solid Universal Security. So if you know why you are here, then celebrate. Share that joy with others and make them ask the question: How do I get to that place of security?

Next time we will discuss despite all the challenges, strife and confusion we see in the world, why the day you are born is a great day.

Until then always live in awareness….always live in love.



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