The Soul's Lesson.

“Be like a lotus. Let the beauty of your heart speak. 
Be grateful to the mud, water, air and the light.”
― Amit Ray

Of all the lessons our spirit comes here to learn there is one that is the Grand Poohbah of them all. I believe the discovery of that realization happens only on your spirit’s last tour of this physical experience. Understanding this single truth is the foundation that will change your life. The ignorance of it, is the root behind every struggle and challenge we endure. Once you come into knowledge of this, you will understand why everything has happened to you and how life is bliss when you follow this Truth.

Now, you’re probably wondering, why don’t I just tell you. I could, but it’s something I have discovered comes from living, growing and learning. This truth, this enlightenment, (which I know is part of a bigger message I am being asked to share with others) is not something new. As a matter of fact I grew up with this awareness all my life. But one won’t fully grasp the magnitude of this UNTIL they have successfully worked through their all soul challenges. And believe it or not, you’ve been trying to get this one thing for a very long time.

The beautiful thing about this is that when you come to the realization, you do not have to speak about it. You won’t need to shout it out. When it is finally revealed to your spirit, you will realize to share it would rob others of the experience, if you tell them ahead of the completion of their Soul Lessons. The journey is to get to the truth and when you do, instead of SPEAKING everywhere about it, you will simply LIVE it.

As you live this truth, people will start to notice, how unaffected you are about things. What most struggle with, you will face with an inner peaceful smile. You will literally start glowing. You will also understand there is absolutely nothing you cannot achieve. Once you understand this one action you will know what your entire life is about. You will walk as if your feet are kissing the earth. You will come to know the purpose of why you are here, completely. You will completely understand Love.

To get to this awareness, you have to face yourself. You have to go through all your lessons. To run from them is a disservice to the amazing possibilities of the spirit. You all know the things that you are dealing with inside your soul. Some of them you do not want to face. So you try to do things to distract and fool yourself into a version of happiness that never truly holds. You avoid, run and dodge the very things that are part of that important breakthrough, because you think you cannot handle the pain. But if you spent time being still and sitting silently, you’d realize that you are a powerful spirit. Every single thing you fear if you decide to face it can be overcome. Besides, YOU set this whole experience up to learn from it!  

It is facing the lessons, that you know are unfolding and passing them that you come to realize, you always could excel at this. And when the hardest tasks are complete, you will finally ask that question: What was this all about? This will lead to what the entire experience is all about. You will see what was the point of all the things you have to go through. You will understand the strength and rightness behind your choices, if you allow spirit to guide you! You will fall off your chair. You will start hysterically laughing. You will crack yourself up. Then you will say: Thank you, for this amazing experience and spend the rest of your life in full spiritual peace!

I truly believe the bravest and strongest souls are the ones who get to this realization faster. We go through much, because we chose this as the finest way to learn. We are the ones who clearly see the lessons that will make us stronger and run fearlessly into them. We know to get through them we have to get in the trenches. But we also know that there is divine assistance to help us move through the moments. As we pass each test, we get brighter, lighter and happier. We finally fall in love completely. We feel the connection and the connection feels us. Life is good all the time because we finally understand what must be done, that it is so easy in order to hold that promise of peace.

This is full enlightenment. The final culmination of earthly and spiritual understanding. On the journey as you shed and grow the path gets full illuminated. You will know you are here for one last time when you finally GET IT!

And so, trust that there is something amazing behind this whole journey you are on. Trust the awakening you are experiencing as a momentous opportunity to experience the fullness of spirit. As someone who is living it every day, I can tell you, it is amazing to know where I am going, why I am here and to be able do exactly what I know I am supposed to…and it is to remind you of this:

You are an amazing being! But you just don't know how amazing! Don't you want to find out?

On a Full Moon night, I have been officially released from Spiritual Writer’s Hold. They have given me lots to share with you! I am so excited! Stay tuned!

Always live in Awareness and always live in Love!


After a minor brush with death in 2010, blogger/writer Deb Palmer embarked on her soul’s long awaited spiritual adventure. Vivadivine Blog is the literary vehicle for the growing expressions of Spirit that she has been experiencing over the last few years. Along with "colla-bloggers", mentors and a Team Of Light, she shares the ups, downs and truths of spiritual awakening and the exciting life of awareness beyond.
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