Consciousness: The Root of Purpose.

“I'm planting a tree to teach me to gather strength from my deepest roots.”
― Andrea Koehle Jones

It bolsters and warms my heart to observe a growing number of men and women walking very conscious paths. Each and every day a shift is made within our lives as we open up to a full spiritual experience. 

The interesting thing is that when you start to travel down this path, you are never quite sure of where you are going. You know you are being led, because you can see it as you take stock of where you have been. But once you get to the destination or the root of your purpose, things suddenly start to all make sense. And once you hear the message that you are specifically meant to share, it will be so clear and obvious to you. It’s a message that when you speak it, people will listen. That is why no one message is the same. The vehicle and a unique spirit is behind it. And that is why we have beautiful variances to spiritual messaging.

Not only will you hear the information clearly, you will also start to notice the mentors, teachers and guides who begin to show up in your life. Synchronicity is in full play! You will become fully connected! You will actually start to feel the power that is working with you! I mentioned an experience I had of feeling this in a previous post! There is a grounding that begins to unfold in your life. This is to help you to stay in a balanced physical and energetic state so you can learn and grow into your teaching abilities.

You start taking big leaps. Ordination was one of those leaps for me. While I don’t discuss it openly with many, for me though,  it’s a sign of how serious I am about what I want to do for the rest of my life. Coaching and intuitive life-mapping is another leap I am taking. As you fulfill that desire to move on a spiritual path there will be many “fill in the gaps” that show up to flesh out your spirit's resume.

The roots of your purpose will start to sink deeper as that connection I mentioned earlier starts to deepen. You have to stay connected so that what you need to know to help others is easily accessible. You will also start to gravitate toward those who are on a similar path. Better yet, they will find and lovingly embrace you! It is almost as if you are being sweetly pulled toward these beautiful souls. Light is being held by those who are just as connected as you are and that which is light will attract unto itself!

I ask people who I notice are opening up their consciousness and sharing that light with others, if what is happening to them feels normal. Each and every time they emphatically say: Yes! We all note as we look back on our lives where we see times when we wanted to be of immense help to others. Or when we felt a great love or flooding emotions for someone, even as children, not really understanding why. I recall childhood moments of powerful clarity about adult situations that should have been beyond my comprehension. I have always able to see, sense or feel things that could not be seen with the naked eye. I can literally see the spirit of people, which helps a great deal when trying to create meaningful connections with others.

Even in your adult life you will see the trends. I was always in some form of service to others or found myself in a teaching or leadership capacity. And I have always been avidly fascinated by who or what is out there beyond our blue sky. And like many I have always had a strong sense of something bigger interacting in my life, even during the times when things were most challenging.

But I did not know that all of those things that kept surfacing in my life were happening for a reason. So is it a surprise that my heart and soul is pulled toward all things Spirit? No! And if you are pulled in a similar fashion you must embrace it, because this what you came here to do.

You will discover yourself and along the way help others to do the same. You will know your message! My message has to do with the Truth of our souls. Once I discovered the truth of my own soul, then I was then able to understand the soul of every being on this planet. I can intuitively map a life for a person, see where they have been, why they are where they are now and where they will be down the road. 

And this is what I mean when I say you will never know where you are being led until you get to the root of your purpose. And when you do allow those roots to sink deeply into Spirit you will always be nourished and will be able to feed others.

So if you are reading this oh One Person, know that what you are about to experience will enlarge your world. Once you discover your message it becomes the root of your purpose. It is the foundation that you will build your spiritual life upon. Knowing the specific basis of why you are here, is the biggest blessing that will cross your path.

What you are about to do and share will affect lives for the better, help people see life with clarity and truth, raise them spiritually and help them to embrace the superb expression of the Truth of their Souls!

Consider it an honor. It is!

Till next time…live in awareness, live in-spirit, live IN-Love.


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