Spiritual Awareness: International Women's Day Tribute

"Honor your daughters. They are honorable.” 
– Malala Yousafzai

Today is International Women’s Day, and I woke up this morning thinking about all the women in my life, specifically those in my family and how grateful I am for them.

First, naturally is my mother. As I grow older I am developing a revered honor for her. As I have seen her life unfold, knowing her story, where she has been and where she is now, it is an honor to have this spirit in my life. I know she was specifically chosen to be a part of my journey. Her strength and dignity continues to inspire me. Her grace under fire despite the adversities that have crossed her life is something I emulate.

In each situation that I face, I image what my mother would do, how she would think and how she would comport herself. Even at my age in my all my life decisions whether it be work, purpose, friendships or relationships; I consider her and what she would think of my choices. My mother has an extremely keen sense of people; even stronger than mine. She can “smell stupid” a mile away.  She has seen me make some unwise choices and guided me with very few choice words to better ones. For this I am grateful.

But it’s her unshakable faith in and close relationship with God that leaves me in awe. I realize that my mother is and has been spiritually wide awake for as long as I have been aware of her. So when I look at her these days I know I am blessed to have this Ancient Soul in my life as a guide.

There of course are others who have left marks in my life. An older cousin who was so "proper" we had to refer to her as our ‘aunt'. I can still hear her voice at eleven years of age as she would run her hand up from the base of my spine to my neck and say: "Debbie-Ann, always sit up straight". She was an elegant, articulate and cultured woman. I also think of my grandmother who always told me: “Debbie, be good and love God.” Whenever I hear that phrase pop into my head I know her spirit is near. My cousin and her mother, both spirited women who bring joy, laughter and a strong sense of right-mindedness into other people’s lives. And there are countless of great aunts who have passed on who I have strong memories of them being happy, grounded, beautiful and very giving women.

I have been blessed to come from a family of gentle, but strong women. Self-sufficient, hardworking, kind, wise and balanced are some of the words that I would use to describe them all. I believe because I had so many mature women in my life (my mother having me somewhat later in her life), is why I am so grounded and not easily shaken by much. My mother taught me strength and told me from a very young age to have a certain sense and security about myself. She did not "raise a fool" when it came to me and my brother. She set my standards by her behavior. She instilled in me to always be able to take care of all of myself just in the event there was no one else on this planet to support me.

These women who have left huge marks on my life are part of a female Jamaican culture where we have voices that were never subdued. I come from a history of female warriors; strong, smart, imbued with a fighting spirit for the rights and freedom of others. I grew up seeing men honor, show great respect and dignify the women in my life. I recall as a young child recognizing how men seemed to have this honorable type of love for my mother and the other women from my childhood life. They were treated as equals to the men in their lives!  That is what I grew up to expect and have learned never to settle (again) for anything less than that. I am grateful to The Infinite Intelligence for setting me up for success in my femininity.

On this International Women’s Day, take the moment and sit back and reflect on the women who have crossed your path in life. Our mothers, sister, aunts, cousins…then spread your vision wider if need be. Observe the freedom fighters, the trailblazers, the givers, those women who serve in our military or behind the scenes doing remarkable things we may never hear of. Look at all the women who are working to make a difference. These are who we should be encouraging our daughters and little sisters to pay attention to. This is a great time to be alive as the feminine energy is growing to help to bring balance and harmony into our world. I hope to see the effect of that change in my lifetime since it will touch every man, woman and child.

Celebrate loudly or quietly today a woman in your life who has made a difference. Call your mother.

Happy International Women’s Day.


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