Service To Others: A Spiritual Tenant!

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”
― Maya Angelou

In the spiritual world where we all originate the main tenants are:


Most people are familiar with these attributes of the spirit; however the last one is something that most may not consider.

Service to Others is the polar opposite of Service to Self. The latter is not constituted as “bad”. It just yields a different energy and outcome. Service to Others operates inflow with the direction of the Universe. It goes out and expands and creates outcomes that not only benefit where the energy is emitted, but it also reaches out and touches others.

There are numerous ways a person can serve others. In most cases it can be observed in opportunities such as volunteering. Some donate to charities. Some take care of those who are unable to fend or fight for themselves. Sacrificing our time on behalf of another soul, being active in areas of the environment, working with animals; anything that promotes the other tenants is an act of service, great or small.  

Service creates energy. So the more energy you place on doing things for other people, without the expectation of anything in return, you are creating a positive energy that feeds and expands the force of love. As you create love you feel more of it. As you give from a space of love and selflessness, it fills others and shows them that things can happen to fill a need a space that only love can do.

There is truly more happiness in giving than receiving, I do not know why, but it is true. As a court appointed child advocate each and every time I write up a report (painstaking) visit children in foster homes, reason with parents on the brink of losing a child to the system, interact with all parties involved and appear in court to speak to a judge on the best interest of these children, I GET HIGH! I start conspiring: How can I create more time to do this? And this is consistent with everyone that I know who makes time out of “no time” to do something they feel will make a difference in someone’s life. 

I have worked alongside people who have assisted the homeless, packed boxes for a food bank, built bicycles to reward children for keeping up their literacy. Every single one of them becomes infused and only wants to do more. The giver’s spirit expands in ways unimaginable. It literally imbues the spirit. Do you now see why service to others, giving from our need or excess, making the time and putting forth the effort helps to grow our spirit? Do you see how it inspires others to look within themselves and start to look outward, versus focusing on the Self and feeding only themselves?

Once I learned the important value of service, I made sure it was incorporated into the mission of Vivadivine. Talking about the other parts of our spiritual expectations it a good thing. But promoting the importance of putting vital energy in helping others is tantamount to our growth.

What we learn here in this physical realm, we will take beyond our existence here. We are in training to become Creators, with the ability to orchestrate other worlds, and other universes. That IS the reason for all of THIS!  Once we grasp that whole picture it will change the course of our lives. By living by those tenants, we strengthen the spirits of others to discover and follow their path. The person you help today from your heart may help another. Do you not see how we are all connected?

So sit with that for a moment. Look at your life and ask yourself: Are you living by your true nature and how you can use all the attributes including service to others to bring more love into your life and the lives of others?

Food for thought!

Until next time, live in awareness, live In-Spirit and live IN Love!


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