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Spirituality: Re-Design Your Life!

“In reality, all men are sculptors, constantly chipping away the unwanted parts of their lives trying to create a masterpiece.”
- Eddie Murphy

If you had told me six years ago that I would living my life the way I am today I would have never believed you. The old version of myself, would have listened to the words and looked at you in disbelief. I would have looked at my situation and wondered how do I get out of this? My marriage and belief system were taking a toll on my emotional and mental health, but I could see no way out. That was the case, until a freak accident shook me up enough to make me stop caring about what others thought and the consequences that my walking away from a foggy life would bring.

I have no regrets. Like many people who recreate their lives, most of us do not look back in remorse. In fact, standing at a good distance from the past gives you a certain perspective. I am one of those Re-Designers who spent a lot of time crawling and bawling! So to be in this space where everything feels positive and good, sometimes is quite unbelievable. You will remember all the painful moments you had to go through but you just don’t feel the pain anymore. It’s has all healed.

Bryant H. McGill

As I speak with others who have been through a lot and are designing fulfilling and meaningful lives, one thought continues to resonate and it is that anything and everything is possible. Anything we desire, dream or hope for is now easily attainable. Why? Did you see what we had to overcome to get where we are? Oh that’s right, no. For the most part we suffered privately so we could keep a brave face on and encourage others through their trials. Yeah, we did that. We had the shoulders that were broken while still telling others to lean on ours. That kind of power to overcome, is the same power that creates. Roll with that thought.

When we woke up after years of madness, into this amazing unfolding experience, it’s almost like a reward for not giving up, giving out, numbing ourselves and still waking up every day despite dying inside. We did not get hard. We got softer with our private battles.

But before you think that we did it all by our own power, let me speak on behalf of those who have been walking the narrow and cramped way. We begged for our peace. We asked for help. We petitioned for our relief like a prisoner who wants to be paroled from the prison of insanity! We supplicated night and day, sometimes screaming silently in our heads. We knew we were good people with good hearts. But we just could not understand why we had to suffer. And we did not have to really. We could have drunk and drugged ourselves to ease the pain. We could have found a thousand ways to be comfortably numb. Some of us could have kept shopping our pain away. There were so many ways to distract ourselves. But somehow we knew that would not work. So we crawled until suddenly one day we found ourselves standing taller than ever. And we were shocked.

A spiritual evolution is something all of us have the opportunity to go through. It is a journey akin to the Biblical story of the Israelites leaving Egypt and wandering for 40 years in the wilderness, before crossing into the Promised Land. You will see visions (literally), see and perform miracles. You will cross seas of tears and eat odd words of manna. You will wander lost, but somehow there will be a guide day and night watching over you. And when you reach the Promised Land of your Awareness, your mind will be blown.

At this stage in my life, I feel as if I am on a second lease in life. Someone reset my lifetime to my mid-twenties and I get to live the life that I had circumvented by using my Freewill Card.

After surviving that detour, to have the privilege to actually do what I was always meant to do is amazing. The direction that my life is going is exactly the path I designed.

This is the reason behind my desire to help just one person to discover the truth of their soul. It's not just about living a better life, self- improvement blase-blase. It's about knowing who you really are and tapping into that. It's about walking around in a physical vehicle of a body but operating fully in spirit. It's about your stoking the fires of your Super Power, which is Self-Love and enmeshing it with Divine Love and experiencing life on a whole other level!

For those of us who are being re-configured, we use our energies to do what we have always done, offer a shoulder to those in need. The only difference this time is that our shoulders are super bolstered. We are stronger and smarter in every way. We are living in and walking fully in Spirit and can clearly hear the guidance and we are sharing it freely. We are aware that there is more to be done other than the average good. We are using our lives and a great deal of love to raise awareness to the fact that there is a powerful force of accelerating energy that is helping all people.

We are doing this by mere example of how we are living our lives and by showing others what it is most important to stay focused on; your Spirit! 

Life by Re-Design quite possible, but it's up to you to want it.  No one said it wold be easy, but once you get that Soul to its state of peace, love and joy, life gets pretty amazing! It's so freaking worth it!

Are you up for the challenge of infinite proportions?

Live in Awareness.



  1. Great post, I agree that we had the choice of giving up but we decided not to but instead pressed on. As i get older I appreciate the life I have been given and work daily on doing my best to be the best of me.Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Freda! Thanks for checking out the post! And yes I am in agreement with you about appreciating life and daily working on being the best YOU! That's awesome! Have a beautiful week! D


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