Spirituality: The Spiritual Metronome.

“To live is to be musical, starting with the blood dancing in your veins. 
Everything living has a rhythm. 
Do you feel your music?
-Michael Jackson

There is nothing more amazing than hearing your Soul’s Song! It is a unique symphony of love that solely belongs to you. It is a direct note from the Source (God) that is integral to your soul. No one has a note like it; however those closest to your octave can recognize it.

Over the last few years I have gotten these increasing love boosts. It is basically energy that floods your system. It is love energy that is attracted to yours when your spirit has become clear and unburdened over time and effort to cleanse it of physical contamination.

However this one instance of that energy was new. This is how it went down.

It was during an uplifting phone call on the way home from work one day that I noticed yours truly was getting hyper. The last thing I said to my friend was: “Oh my! I need to get outside and meditate the minute I get in the house! I am feeling zappy!”

And in a few minutes I was sitting on my balcony, in the chair, trying to center myself and bring this energy down. Suddenly, I became aware that I was rocking; not back and forth but side to side! I was feeling this rhythm within me that I was unconsciously moving to. 

I immediately started to cry and laugh at the same time. The Universe had fully activated my soul’s music. Then next I heard the accompanying strings as my ears opened up and I could hear the frequencies that belong to angelic forces all around me.

Sounds crazy, right? No it is not. When you are connected and clear to that source of divine intelligence, you WILL start to have an experience with It. It happens all the time to many people. You may notice it as a feeling of well-being that comes upon you from out of nowhere. That happens because within that moment for whatever reason you are aligned to the Creator. For most people, it can be subtle. But those who are open, especially to doing spiritual work; it happens most of the time. Ever wonder why we are walking around with goofy smiles on our faces? It is because we can hear our soul music! Our hearts and souls are literally dancing. And if you look away too quickly you may miss seeing us literally cut a rug for absolutely no reason.

Since I was a child the metronome has been a part of my life. Its rhythmic movement helped me to keep musical time while playing the piano and the flute. For the first time I could associate the metronome to my body and spirit as it rocked to a powerful beat of love. When you experience the type of love that fills your soul, the type that no human can ever make you feel, the type that connects you to everyone including the universe and the intelligence behind it all: IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! This inner symphony is what people search for in others and never find it. 

It is the love that we seek outside of ourselves in so many disappointing ways. But that type of love is right there within us waiting for the Universal Conductor to introduce its first movement.

If there is one thing I would encourage you to do is clear your soul. You can do this! Clear the soul, learn the life lessons, pass them all, and rise to the music that is within you. This is your birthright, spiritual one! You were meant to feel this, express it and share it with everyone. The Universe and all that it is, is truly one big creative expression in a dynamic symphony that we are all a part of.

If you see someone dancing in the streets with no music that you can hear, that will be me. I have my own love song going on! But I am jamming it out loud and sharing it with you!

Have a great week!

Live in awareness, live in love!



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