Service To Others: Happy National Volunteer Week!

"Volunteers are love in motion!"
-Author Unknown

In advance of National Volunteer Week, my company asked those who volunteer to submit a sixty second video about how service to others affects our lives. I kid you not. It took multiple takes for me to get through my video. I could not stop crying. I eventually had to stop and ask myself why I was so emotional over sharing this part of myself.

After some reflection, I realized that my tears were coming from a place of gratitude and honor. I am grateful that something I am doing is directly affecting someone for the better. I am grateful because I have finally discovered why I am here, and what my life’s purpose is. I am grateful because it’s truly an honor to serve others.

Red Cross worker and child in Florida at a hurricane shelter.

I am also grateful that in this discovery I am finding others who live life on the same wavelength. From the widow who started a chapter to support Modern Widows, to a woman who loaded up her truck and passed out water to homeless people in the hot Houston summer, to a co- worker I speak to everyday who I discovered is a fellow court appointed child advocate. And to make it even better this coworker upon discovering her, she started to speak about Spirit! We are on the same awareness wavelength!

School children hugging volunteer in Jamaica.

The sense of honor comes from that acknowledgement that when I asked to serve in 2013, my request was answered in ways I could never imagine. If you had told me that I would become a child advocate ten years ago I would have told you to “shut the front door!” Me? Miss Super Sensitive speaking on behalf of children in Child Protective Services? But that is exactly what has sweetly unfolded in my life.

Bicycles brought me to Child Advocates Inc. Child advocacy is taking me back home to Jamaica for a few weeks to support a children’s initiative! The unfolding is apparent in my life! You see, because of a wonderful man by the name of Paul Hamilton and his wife, I started building bicycles to reward children for upholding literacy. Through CYCLE Houston I discovered something I love doing, which is helping children. Those bikes found me again when Houston's Child Advocates turned up at work. The representative said that they needed seventy advocacy volunteers for 2016 and my heart stopped and I turned and looked at her. Was she talking to me?

Houston children who received bikes and helmets from CYCLE Houston.

It would take me months to decide if I could even do this. The majority of the children in CPS care are suffering from abuse and neglect in ways you cannot imagine.  The responsibility of a guardian ad litem is to speak on their behalf for their best interest to a judge. Could I be objective? Could I be fair and non-judgmental to parents on the brink of losing all their parental rights?  My heart said, “just go” and to the orientation I went and I have not looked back.

Advocacy for children has now encompassed my life. Along with the other: ‘It feels right moments’, serving in this capacity feels second nature to me. I know in a short time, I will be making a gigantic shift in my life away from secular work to a life of service, in response to voices that go unheard.

Startling statistics about abuse and neglect of children
It’s also beyond just serving. Service is a spiritual requirement to the growth of your soul. Every single text, every single teacher has always left me with that one question: “What are you doing to serve?” Along with walking in love, honesty and truth, service is a big part of the Spirit World where we all came from. In my next post I will share with you what I have learned. It will make so much sense to you that it will empower you to get out there and start giving! It will pull a type of love and compassion into your heart that you have never experienced.

I am going to take a stab and speak for some of the people whose path I have crossed in the short time service to others has become a fixture and directive force in my life. I am sure they would agree that something about helping others for no other reason than LOVE gives your life a different type of perspective.

Volunteering in Cambodia. 

Volunteers, especially those who are consistently giving of themselves, never seem to tire out. There is an energy that keeps moving them. I can't think of anyone who I have interacted with who gets OUT of a service to others environment. If anything, I can speak from experience, you want to do more.

Service and volunteering exposes you to so many learning opportunities. Volunteering can take you around the world. You may see things that may hurt your soul, but you will certainly feel the power of the human spirit. You will see things through the eyes of others. Your appreciation for life will expand. You will learn to coordinate and collaborate with others for the greater good of those you are helping. It is not about you, it is mainly about them, but wholeheartedly ends up being about all of us.  

It will attract amazingly kind and loving people and experiences to you. It will make you sleep at night peacefully knowing you are helping to raise the consciousness of others!  But more importantly, it will bind you even tighter to those around you and you will finally grasp the concept that we are all ONE!

Volunteering raises the spirit!

So volunteers: Celebrate! You are walking in line with Spirit and you will enjoy an amazing connection to everything. And for those of you considering giving more, get ready for your life to expand!

Happy National Volunteer Week!

Celebrating living IN-Spirit.


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