Service: Spirits In Service Live In Truth.

“When you find yourself in need of spiritual nourishment, it is in the opportunities to serve others that you will find the abundance you seek.”
― Steve Maraboli

Far beyond our consciousness, before we started to shift, there is a beautiful truth about our existence. The moment a catalyst is introduced into our lives and creates that moment of awakening, we begin a process of recalling this truth: That we are more than mere humans, and that inner energy that moves with us, makes us feel, and brings us alive is really who we are.

Our origin is one of immense beauty, power and love. We come from a very balanced Creative Source. Our journey is to take that energy that we are part of and grow. Everything in the space of endless energy is mirrored in our human lives. We are born, we grow, we learn, work and live, however it’s only the physical that dies. Our spirits live on, constantly learning and growing.

This amazing planet is a school of sorts. It’s the only place in this universe where a spirit will experience exponential growth in a short space of time. Those who chose to come here for this lesson are very special. Believe it or not all energetic beings want to come here. But the ones who do, who take the lesson seriously, learn and grow in leaps and bounds. The major lessons we are here to learn center around love, wisdom and power. Within those three are many mini courses. One of which is to learn the balance of service to others (STO) versus service to self (STS). This balance is already a natural part of the spiritual universe. It is based on the universal mindset of Collective Will, where when a spirit makes a choice it is considered how the whole will be affected. But here in this section of the universe because of a little caveat called Freewill, we are given a big learning curve.

Based on freewill, we can chose whatever we want to do. We can focus on STS, where we do whatever we want, regardless of how our decision may affect others. We can practice STO, with the same vein. The beauty of freewill is that we get to experience the outcome. HOPEFULLY we learn that STS tends to inhibit our capacity to love, it clouds our wisdom and stunts our true creative power. STO starts from within us, where love already resides (Earth Lesson #1). It builds and we express it by giving to others. It is reflective of the Mind of the Universe where Collective Will is the norm.

It’s a lesson that we come here to learn and recall, because we have forgotten so much in the process of getting here. That is why once a person discovers service, helping others, putting another person’s needs before theirs, in a balanced way, they become infused with love. It also creates a desire to do more, because both the giver and the receiver benefits. With STS, one is taking and not giving and love becomes stuck within. The Universe moves from inside out, it expands and is always flowing forward. So that is why when we serve (from inside-out) everything flows, everything is creative, balanced and why everything feels GOOD!    

Our acts of service do not have to be magnanimous. They can be as simple as offering a kind word to someone. It can be choosing to take a higher road when in conflict with another person. It can be as grand as speaking up for others in the face of death. It is anything that creates harmony between people, raises consciousness, sets matters right, brings hope to others, or creates peace. 

Service is progressive. Service is founded on love. No one who serves does it for anything other than that sole reason. And by developing a spirit of giving we are preparing ourselves to integrate back into the spirit world once we have completed our lessons here. We will finally be embracing serving as our natural way of BE-ing.

This has been an eye-opening week for me. In an effort to acknowledge those who can make the time to volunteer on a regular basis, I found that there is so much out there to do in support of others. If one person were to pick one endeavor and do it one hour a month, there would be such a massive shift in awareness. That consistent energy would create such a vortex that we probably could not wrap our brains around. 

Can you imagine what that would feel like? Ask the people who volunteer. Watch the smile creep over their faces. Listen to them talk about what they are doing and the enthusiasm in their voice. Guess what folks? These folks are half-way Home.

This week three people told me that because of my onslaught volunteerism postings on Vivadivine and Project Serve that they had chosen something that they want to do. They all said that they can see how it has affected my life. They read some of the stories and opportunities I shared and they were inspired. And that’s the point. We want those of you who are able to, to light the energetic fire within yourself first and then spread it to others. Trust me, it will kindle into a huge bonfire in your life.

Service is a big part of our spiritual growth process. It IS important. The faster we embrace this part of our heritage, the closer we are to discovering the beauty of who we are. And the journey becomes a more fulfilling and joyful one.

So please consider: How can you serve others? Be prepared for your specific purpose to show up.

Until the next time:

Live in Awareness. Life In-Spirit. Live IN-LOVE.


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