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Life Purpose: The Great Unfold!

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” ― Robert Bryne

I am really excited to see and hear of so many people whose dreams are coming alive. There is an energy to 2016 that is growing and it’s simply about people finding and fulfilling their Unique Spirit’s Purpose in Life. When you discover and begin to do what your soul is meant to do, what you need to accomplish that begins to show up or unfold in your life.

Another important factor to harnessing the energy to bring about the things your spirit needs is association. Have you noticed that whenever you focus on your purpose, people and situations that are more in alignment or similar to where you are going start to materialize? 

Many people think this is manifestation. Actually it is more than that. You are walking in your Purpose. Therefore you are pulling things toward you that you need. You are automatically and effortlessly attracting the right circumstances and the right people with similar energy. These people and situation…

Positivity: Would You Date You?

Realize how blessed you are!

Question: Would you, right now, date yourself?
When I was asked this question recently, I literally jumped out of my chair yelling: “Oh my Goodness! Yyyyeess!” If you would have asked me this same question ten years ago, (that is if I had been single) I would have probably said no. Ten years ago I was in a very different place. Confused, sad, restricted and a bit lost is how I would describe that place I was living in. I would not have considered myself dating material, I would have only brought another person down.
However, today I would most definitely date myself and it would be so much fun. It is a never ending bender of excitement about life! Dating myself is an insane adventure, you never know what to expect. It would never be boring! And I’d marry me too, because now I fully understand what is takes to make a relationship rich, purposeful, long-lasting and solid! Second time around is the best time round!

I asked other people the same question and…

Spiritual Awareness: The 30 Day Re-Treatment

“In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion.”   Albert Camus

If you are wondering why it has been so quiet on the blog and on Vivadivine Twitter and Instagram lately, it is because we are in the middle of a 30 day retreat, or what we love to actually call a Re-Treatment.  And the above quote by Albert Camus perfectly sums up this necessary requirement for our souls. 
Life requires us to take the time to pull back, reflect and get an even clearer perspective on things. In order to be effective at inspiring others, we also have to be inspired. Nature, words, images, meditation, prayer, solitude, travel, spirit invigorating conversations, etc. are all ways that we can connect to that powerful force inside and all around us. 
A retreat leaves us clear, but at the same time leaves us filled with so much more. Our spirits will feel more expansive and you will certainly feel more in tune with who you really are.

So we also encourage you to take some time and …