Life Purpose: The Great Unfold!

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”
― Robert Bryne

I am really excited to see and hear of so many people whose dreams are coming alive. There is an energy to 2016 that is growing and it’s simply about people finding and fulfilling their Unique Spirit’s Purpose in Life. When you discover and begin to do what your soul is meant to do, what you need to accomplish that begins to show up or unfold in your life.

Another important factor to harnessing the energy to bring about the things your spirit needs is association. Have you noticed that whenever you focus on your purpose, people and situations that are more in alignment or similar to where you are going start to materialize? 

Many people think this is manifestation. Actually it is more than that. You are walking in your Purpose. Therefore you are pulling things toward you that you need. You are automatically and effortlessly attracting the right circumstances and the right people with similar energy. These people and situations will help you to complete your life’s purpose. You are essentially in Alignment. You will be able to see and feel it too.

For quite a while you may have seen images, information and encouragement that kept telling you to “Surround yourself with those who lift you up.”.

This is by no means a coincidence. Slogans such as “Release toxic situations and people from your life”, “The five people closest to you are a reflection of you.” “Walk with Dreamers.”, and “Find your Tribe.”; this was the Universe’s way sending all of us who are awakening a very powerful and important message.

And those of us who LISTENED, started shifting into the behavior of the encouragement, therefore things in our lives started to evolve. We started releasing people and situations from our lives that were bringing in negative energy and discordant attitudes into our space. We cannot shift or level up to where we need to be, if we have people in our lives who holding us down by feeding any behavior that we need to release, using or draining our energy or engaging in behavior that inhibits our growth.

And it was when we made the important decision to limit who comes into our lives during this important time in history, that we opened up and cleared the way for that powerful energy of creativity to start flowing the way it should in our lives.

My loves, there is a Purpose to your life. There is something you are here to do. When you start to do just that, EVERYTHING falls into place. Everything and everyone shows up. You may have started on that road at some point and everything started showing up. Then you may have gotten off track and noticed everything started to disappear. It’s only when you get back on track that everything starts to show up again. Are you paying attention?

I know this for a fact as I have seen it in my life. Everything that I needed showed up in my life when I was younger to help me to fulfill my purpose. Then I went off the path for years. I was completely misaligned and I felt it. The minute I got on track, everything picked up exactly where I had left off. Everything felt right again. The more I stay on course, the more things show up.

A lot of people are right on track or getting back to where they used to be. This is not an accident. It is intentional. It is a combination of Divine Guidance and True Love for what we do.

This is the message: You are being awakened. There is so much energy to assist you. To find your spirit’s purpose and to live in it harnesses Spiritual Love. Discover what you love and just do it. This brings more Love into your life. You will have more love to give. Life will expand. You will finally come Alive. Life is forever an Unfolding. The magic is: When you are fulfilling your Purpose then you ARE walking in the Truth and Power of your Spirit. Get it? Got it? Good.

So much for me being quiet. (Ha!) Who's ready to talk about OBEs?

Live in Awareness. Live In Spirit. Live IN Love. Live Divine.


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