Positivity: Would You Date You?

Realize how blessed you are!

Would you, right now, date yourself?

When I was asked this question recently, I literally jumped out of my chair yelling: “Oh my Goodness! Yyyyeess!” If you would have asked me this same question ten years ago, (that is if I had been single) I would have probably said no. Ten years ago I was in a very different place. Confused, sad, restricted and a bit lost is how I would describe that place I was living in. I would not have considered myself dating material, I would have only brought another person down.

However, today I would most definitely date myself and it would be so much fun. It is a never ending bender of excitement about life! Dating myself is an insane adventure, you never know what to expect. It would never be boring! And I’d marry me too, because now I fully understand what is takes to make a relationship rich, purposeful, long-lasting and solid! Second time around is the best time round!

I asked other people the same question and the answers ranged from ones similar to mine to: “nope”, “not-right-now”, “why?”. Most people never get asked this question. However I noticed that when they do get asked, they stopped and actually thought about who they are right now in life. And the true answer usually comes out. If you would not date yourself, then others may not be attracted to date you or create a relationship with you for the right reasons.

I believe those who can say a resounding: “Yes!” probably say the reason why they feel they’d be able to date themselves, is because at their core is a strong and powerful self-esteem and a healthy dose of self-love. I found those who can say “yes”, have come to place in their lives where they know precisely what they want in a relationship and clearly what they do not. Settling for anything less, anything sub-par, or anything that does not bring more love, joy or peace into their lives, or anything that subtracts, is not an option to be entertained. 

These people tend to be clear about who they are and what they are about. They are most likely aware of the childhood trauma and dysfunction that infiltrated and affected their past relationships and are taking responsible steps of moving through these. They are also in a good place in their lives. 

Some of them have been released from the prison of Arrested Development. They have broken free of unhealthy cyclical behaviors and are emotionally and spiritually mature. It’s all about full disclosure, and being open and honest. There is no game-playing, side-shucking going on in their lives and they are not looking for someone to complete them as they are in a place wholeness. They are attracting their compliments and soul collaborators into their lives. The dating options that show up in their lives may not be quantitative but most definitely are qualitative! They are more aware than ever to the truth of life, are more in touch with their souls, thus carving out the rest of the journey with zeal and zest.

To be able to date yourself, you would possibly be able to to hang out with yourself and it feel second nature to you...in other words; are you good company?

If you can’t say that you’d date yourself, it’s time to look into why.

Here are some good questions to start with:

How do you feel about yourself and what you have to offer another person?
Why do you feel that you are not in a good enough place to date yourself?
Have you addressed what you need to so that you will be really attractive to YOURSELF first and be right kind of person second?  
Do you feel you are good catch? What does that mean to you?
Is it external things that makes you a good catch or is it the truth of your spirit? Is that why you'd date yourself?
And would you be attracted to who you really are?

This my loves is the beginning of self-discovery when you start to ask these questions. We all love companionship. But to meet the right companion, the type that adds more satisfaction to our souls, will requires us to be that amazing person FIRST! You attract energy that is similar to your own.

So do whatever work you have to do. Dig deep, find your Amazing. Love up on yourself and be an amazing person to date and create an amazing and fulfilling relationship with.

*Breaking the 40 day rule to share some of the amazing stuff that’s being poured into my noggin. Now back to silent and receiving mode*

Live in awareness….Live In Spirit….Live IN LOVE!


When asked what she does for a living, Deb usually replies cheekily: “I love people”. She also loves the Journey of Life and writing about it. She collaborates with the Awareness Team to share the journey with others. You can find her and the A Team everywhere Vivadivine.


  1. I love the bottom line, what you do for a living! Loving people is the best job you can have!
    About dating yourself I can just say-who would not like to be with a happy loving person full of joy?
    Have a wonderful day my friend!


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