Spiritual Awareness: The 30 Day Re-Treatment

“In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion.”  
Albert Camus

If you are wondering why it has been so quiet on the blog and on Vivadivine Twitter and Instagram lately, it is because we are in the middle of a 30 day retreat, or what we love to actually call a Re-Treatment.  And the above quote by Albert Camus perfectly sums up this necessary requirement for our souls. 

Life requires us to take the time to pull back, reflect and get an even clearer perspective on things. In order to be effective at inspiring others, we also have to be inspired. Nature, words, images, meditation, prayer, solitude, travel, spirit invigorating conversations, etc. are all ways that we can connect to that powerful force inside and all around us. 

A retreat leaves us clear, but at the same time leaves us filled with so much more. Our spirits will feel more expansive and you will certainly feel more in tune with who you really are.

So we also encourage you to take some time and eliminate the excessive chatter. Pull back from a busy, noisy and distracting world and allow yourself to feel, sense, hear and know all the magic that happens around us all of the time.

Try this for an hour, a day or 30 and enjoy the amazing difference.

We are looking forward to sharing all the amazing epiphanies, revelations and messages that this retreat has opened us up to. We are chomping at the bit to share all this information, however we are going to heed the advice and direction of those who are taking us through this part of the journey and shhhhhhhh...for now!

Till then, continue to live in awareness, live In-Spirit and always LIVE IN LOVE.


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