Awareness: The Everyday Thought Leader

"To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart."
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Our thought leaders are no longer limited to notables or nobles. They are no longer only those of wealth, fame or status. This spectrum of leadership has widened in a big way! Your thought leaders are everyday people who cross your path. They are on social media. They are the Average Joes and Janes! They are your dry cleaners, your deli cashiers and your high school graduates. They are the homeless persons on the side of the road who have seen a subset of life that many of us would cave under.

Today’s thought leaders may be your next door neighbor, and maybe you should chat with them a bit more. Then there are leaders of thought who do not say a single word. They think precisely and then lead an action-oriented life. These can be the most powerful thinkers of all.

As you listen to the everyday person, to those who are in the social trenches, you will come into recognition that there is a natural power within your mind. The things that these people are saying is meant to help you to start thinking on a much bigger scale. The things that they observe without judgment, you see, that objectivity they share with you, is meant to pry open your brain to hopefully a better of thinking. It's meant to make you ask those deep inner questions. 

Listen closely because they are seeing things on a dimensional level that most are unaware of. They are wide awake, tapped in and connected to something Higher. The information is simply meant for you to ponder and possible to start looking at things more closely, and make you ask why.

And as you find the answers that are good to your soul and you start living by them one by one, the thoughts that lead to those answers become actions. Your actions will make others think. When you live your life according to power (and not force), you inspire others to stop and look more closely at things in this world.

The most effective thinkers keep their thoughts of the highest caliber. They are always pushing the mental boundaries to expand the mind. They are paying attention to what is within-the-skin, because that which is within shows up on the outside of our lives. They see the world through the Neutral Eye.

Thought leaders are positively-action oriented, balanced in attitude and behavior. These are the people who surface when something important happens that shifts people. They suddenly become aware and begin to act on that awareness. They develop a voice, even if it is silent.

Every single day there is ample opportunity to create direction in your life and the lives of others. We accomplish this by the way we think and what we think about consistently. 

Therefore we are all thought leaders. We are all game changers, and we don’t have to be special to be so.

All we have to do is care.

Live in Awareness. Live In-Spirit. Live IN LOVE. That is the Divine Life.

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