Spiritual Awakening: Change Management For The Spirit. PT1

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow.
Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”
― Lao Tzu

In the first of a four-part coaching series, we will discuss change management and how it can be applied to a Spiritual Awakening and various areas of your life!

In the spiritual world, there are two things that are certain and these are change and love. Pretty much everything within the seeable universe is changing and love has a lot to with it due to its creative nature. Since you are part of all that powerful energy, chances are that at some point in your spirit's journey, you will experience an awakening.

Your life will most definitely change and you will end up feeling a great deal of love in the process.

Most people have a difficult time dealing with changes in life. The minute any type of change is introduced, whether it is self-imposed or not, there is some kind of reaction attached to it. If you want to grow and learn, you will have to change. If we learn to understand the change we are facing, then we are able to fully embrace it. The biggest obstacle to accepting change is fear. If we can move past our initial fears, we can relax into the process knowing that at the end is something beneficial to our soul.

Knowing the stages of change can help to alleviate the stress of change, especially in the case of a major change as in one of the Spiritual Kind.

The four stages that most people go in times of change are denial, resistance, exploration, and commitment. We will discuss the first which is denial and show how it may surface when one experiences a spiritual awakening.

When someone is in the beginning stages of an awakening they may find themselves in full denial. Why is that? Most people who display the physiological symptoms of a spiritual emergence have no clue that is what they are experiencing. 

It is not as if there is a manual that can forewarn you about the sudden onset of migraines, jaw pain, dental pain, and odd body aches, pains and vibrations, etc., that appear out of nowhere. You have no idea why your sleeping patterns have suddenly changed, or why you are suddenly overly emotional about things. These are just a few things you can experience and you have no idea why.

A spiritual awakening is not a common topic of conversation between people, either. So you are very unlikely to know or even understand that you are beginning an important part of your spiritual journey. If someone approached you and told you that you were waking up, you would not initially believe them. It would not make much sense to you. You may even seek medical opinion only to be told there you are in good health.

I have experienced this. After being told there was nothing detrimental causing my migraines and other weird physical phenomena by my doctor, I just dealt with them and all the other weird things that were unfolding in my life. 

However, by some way of spiritual guidance, I started being led to certain information. I still questioned what was happening to me, until that amazing December night when things in my life took an interesting turn. It was then that I fully acknowledged that this event was real and there was a reason behind it. However, as much as it was exciting, and a relief to know what was going on, I discovered that I began to resist certain aspects of the process.

The denial stage in a spiritual awakening mainly occurs because of ignorance. For most of our lives, we have only related to ourselves as purely physical beings. The idea that we are so much more is foreign to us at first. 

The magic behind awakening is that once that energy starts to flow and reconnect us to what is creative and powerful, you will discover what is unfolding in your life. However, because this is so new to most people, they will have a hard time accepting some of the many nuances and surprises along the way. This is where resistance comes into play.

We will discuss this at the next go round.

Until then…

Live in Awareness. Live In Spirit. Live IN LOVE. That is the Divine Life!



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