Spiritual Awareness: Ego.The Ultimate Frenemy

“The ego is the false self-born out of fear and defensiveness.”
― John O'Donohue

When you first start down the road of your spiritual evolution, you are going to hear about the infamous Ego. There is some truth that our ego can be a powerful force to overcome. That is because we have used it for so long as a measuring stick and a means to survive.

Over the course of becoming more aware and our spirit begins to fully emerge, our ego slowly over time takes a back seat. It becomes a quiet whisper. However do not be surprised when it suddenly decides to pay you a random visit. It’s like the guest who shows up when you are lounging around on a lazy Saturday afternoon in next-to-nothing or god forbid, in your Birthday Suit.

And that’s where yours truly found herself. I was completely taken aback recently when my ego came by for a surprise visit, not once, but twice in one day! I thought I had stuffed this joker down into my big toe. But there it emerged, in a moment where someone else was getting recognition for work they had done. Oddly, I found myself completely perturbed by this. It was a weird feeling. Me? Harboring envy? It’s so unlike me. So I adjusted my thinking, because I knew this person was getting attention and recognition she truly deserved.

However, when the same situation showed up a second time mere hours later with a completely different person, I knew my butt was in trouble. I knew the Universe was bringing something to my attention because I had probably been building up this obnoxious attitude and had been ignoring it. And if Spirit was revealing this to me, it was because I needed to address it so that it would not stand in my way of accomplishing what I wanted to achieve. I should not have been surprised. I have always asked to be kept humble throughout this process anyway, so here was the Moment of Adjustment!

Remember, this whole process of living out your purpose is about refining you, right? Well, I felt like I was Nelly signing a bad version of “It’s Getting Hot in Herre!” So hot!


Then it only got worse. I started a personal beat down like I have not done to myself in a long time. It’s true when they say we are hardest on ourselves. But suddenly in the middle of Debashing, I heard: “This is not a bad thing!”  It was then that I abruptly stopped kicking my own ass, pulled back and really looked at the whole situation. Then I saw the blessing.

My ego rose up to show me an attitude that I needed to pay attention to. This made me re-evaluate my motives for all that I have been doing. The reason why I am doing this is not for accolades or recognition. It's because I can't shut my big mouth and I figure maybe one person may benefit from that I have been learning. So once my motives were shifted back into their proper space, I stopped beating myself down for missing the mark. 

It happens Little Miss Over-Achiever! Get over it! I realized that while living in spirit is more advantageous that existing in ego, that ego will rise up because my spirit could not handle my obnoxious attitude about Recognition. My ego surfaced because my spirit was kicking it out! 

Cue happy dancing!

Why am I telling you this?

Life is going to feel so much better as you become more spiritually focused. That’s because we are constantly releasing old habits, behaviors, attitudes and ideas. But sometimes we may overlook something or ignore a thought that is out of line with who we truly are. If we don’t pay attention, it grows quietly underneath all that feel-goodness. Then when it gets to critical mass, our spirit will respond appropriately by allowing that egotistical ideal to bubble up, so we can address it and nip it in the bud.

This should tell us a few things. Our Spirit is far more powerful than our ego. If we train it well, it will ALWAYS have our best interest at heart. And even when it is left alone, it does its job perfectly in its effort to adjust us in our personal evolution. We just have to remember that when our ego pays us a visit after being quiet for a long time, it’s because our Spirit wants more room to expand. And THAT my friends, is a very good thing! It's such a great learning opportunity when the Ego meets the Spirit! 

So welcome that visit with open arms. Say: Hello, Ego…my Best Frenemy! Let the games begin!

Till next time:

Live in Awareness. Live In-Spirit. Live IN Love.


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