Awareness: Depression and the Transparency of the Spirit

The rose and the thorn, and sorrow and gladness are linked together. 


Recently, a group of strangers got together to talk about depression. We opened up our souls to each other and shared our individual journeys, our trials and our triumphs. In most cases, people who suffer from depression do so in private, and many share nothing at at all about their struggle. It is so taboo to still talk about something that affects millions of people around the globe. There is so much silence around this topic, that it has to stop. I should know this, because I suffered for many years and never told a soul. Like most people, I put on a smile and a mask every day, but deep inside I was hurting.

Like most sufferers, I went through years of treatment with medicine and neuro-psychological therapy. But it was not until my accident in February of 2010, that I fully acknowledged the state of unhappiness I was living in. The years following that accident, I released what was creating my depression from my life and started to systematically reinforce my mind and essentially re-engineer my life.   

Today, six years in, I am proud to say I am depression free. I am at my happiest I have ever been and on a consistent basis. I am truly grateful to finally be in this amazing place, and it was worth every single bit of hard spiritual work. And it is that thought about spiritual diligence that made me stop and look at everyone in our group who is progressing through depression or deeply struggling with it. I wondered: Is depression making it difficult for people to fully awaken, begin the ascension process and come into the truth of their spirit?

Well, I know that once I started to work diligently on strengthening and directly connecting to a Higher Power I had a powerful and dramatic shift in my life. The depression that I had suffered through for years was lifted in less than half the time I had endured it, because of much desire and effort.

After my accident I was off my meds in about a year. I also no longer needed to visit my psychologist. As a matter of fact, he told me I never really needed him, as he kindly considered me one of his most “normal” and balanced patients. It appeared that what I needed to do all that time was remove myself from the situations and people that were contributing to my crisis.

And guess what folks; I have learned the more I become aware, it is our thoughts and choices based on those thoughts that place us in unhealthy situations that add weight to the Soul. Once I was free, I learned to be more discerning and observant about who I allowed in my life. I am more aware of unwholesome situations and I just don’t go there. Once you find your Happy…that constant state of well-being and peace, you will not allow anything to disturb it.

I would not be surprised that those who suffer from depression, once they start the work of Direct Connection to Source (God) (no middle-man) things will shift. We are not meant to suffer, and depression hurts our spirit, mind, emotional well-being and it affects us physically. It is important that we face what it is that is weighing on us. It may be something that is hard and painful. However, if you want to be free, as much as I did, you will become so determined to beat whatever it is that is breaking your souls.

My friends and I are teaming up to show you the other face of depression. We are also going to be more transparent, which is the true nature of Spirit; there is no need to hide.

We are going to share with you how we turned things around, how we reclaimed our lives and plan on never returning to the darkest night of our souls.

So stay tuned, loves.

Hang in there…and never forget that you are very much loved.

Live in Awareness. Live In-Spirit. Live IN LOVE.



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