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Spiritual Awakening: Depression And The Spirit (Podcast)

This episode of the Divine Podcast kicks off a Vivadivine Initiative to highlight the stories of those who have successfully shifted depression out of their spirit. 
We will share how we are thriving by sharing our stories about how fitness, diet, neuro-psychology, and diligent spiritual practices played a big role in our recovery.

Spiritual Awareness: Keep Your Shift Clean

“If you let people break your spirit and detour you from your path, then you have not been true to yourself or those you're here to touch, those who believe in you.” 
― Allison DuBois

When you are working with your Life’s Purpose, it is very important to remember that you are a Vessel of The Spirit. For that energy to work effectively through you, it’s very important to take very good care of your spirit, keep a clear mind, keep your emotions in balance and take good care of your physical body. This is all accomplished when you stay connected to Source (Creative) Energy.

People can have a significant effect on your psyche. As your spirit becomes more attuned, you will find it challenging to be around those who are unaware life is truly a spiritual course. The more sensitive you are, the more you will feel their spirit actually draining yours. This can happen over a period of time or even instantly.

Spiritual teachers will encourage you to keep your vibration clear and to keep it hi…

Human Consciousness: Helping Your Spiritual Siblings!

“When we establish human connections within the context of shared experience we create community wherever we go.” 

― Gina Greenlee

One of the original purposes of Vivadivine Blog was to create a space where we care share the journey of a spiritual awakening. As time has passed and we have become somewhat comfortable with the path we are walking, the journey has become more fluid and expressive.

As a contributor, I can say that since the original inception of this online space, I have grown in leaps and bounds. To be honest I hardly write about half of the experiences I have. I am sure in time, this will all come out. However when I think about that very idea, it got me thinking about the levels of friendships we develop as we travel down this path to a growing consciousness and the ways we can help each other if we pay more attention.

As mentioned in previous posts, as we grown in our awareness we will meet other like-minded individuals. It is usually a concern for many who are first wa…