Human Consciousness: Helping Your Spiritual Siblings!

“When we establish human connections within the context of shared
experience we create community wherever we go.” 

One of the original purposes of Vivadivine Blog was to create a space where we care share the journey of a spiritual awakening. As time has passed and we have become somewhat comfortable with the path we are walking, the journey has become more fluid and expressive.

As a contributor, I can say that since the original inception of this online space, I have grown in leaps and bounds. To be honest I hardly write about half of the experiences I have. I am sure in time, this will all come out. However when I think about that very idea, it got me thinking about the levels of friendships we develop as we travel down this path to a growing consciousness and the ways we can help each other if we pay more attention.

As mentioned in previous posts, as we grown in our awareness we will meet other like-minded individuals. It is usually a concern for many who are first waking up that they will “lose” some friends. This is not a loss; it is only a shifting of energy. As we open up to our true selves, we shed the old versions of who we are. So understandably, those who shared that older energy will shift away from us. 

Keep in mind this does not have to be permanent.  Your ascension will facilitate other people’s awakening. As we shift into new relationships with people who we energetically resonate with, not everyone will be at the same vibration within your new group. You will be able to integrate well with your new friends, but you will be inexplicably drawn to specific people because of what you are experiencing.

You will come across people who are consistently connected to Spirit. They go about their daily lives actually feeling the fullness of spirit. Every thought, feeling, word or action is spiritually infused and they are usually very aware. You will find that people who are employed in spiritual work tend to be like this. They are experiencing a “heaven on earth” existence. It is as if they are “here” and “there” at the same time.  These are the people who have constant interaction with their non-physical energetic brothers and sisters, that some call Spirit Guides. They have certain experiences that would seem odd to most people, but to those on the same “vibrationary” level, it is quite normal.

As you shift up, you will know with whom you can share your specific experiences. You will discover that some people are not having that kind of interaction as you and may have a difficult time comprehending how interactive the spiritual world can be. You will want to pay attention to who you are led to, or who comes to you. You may find it very easy to share something with a person and you can trust your spirit when that occurs. 

For the most part, I only share my most fantastical experiences with a few close friends. I just can't tell the average person that I can sense or at times hear a conversation clear as day that is happening with two other people 100 miles way! That would go way over their heads! However every once in a while, someone will cross my path, ask me a question, or make a statement that sets off a bell in my head. I know at that moment, I can share something that the other person may need to hear to confirm something that they are experiencing. 

A lot of what happens to us as our spirit comes alive, takes a while to get used to. Most people do not know that as they awaken, strange (but amazing) things will unfold in their lives. That opportunity to instantly KNOW that you need to connect and share some information with that person will only help them gain some insight into their experience.

As you grow in awareness and your consciousness expands, you will feel those who need to know more as they cross your path. This is both a teaching and learning experience for you and the other person. Consider them a member of your soul family, a younger brother or sister, who has come to you with a query. Trust your spirit when you meet them and open your energy to them, so that they can take that next quantum leap into the beauty of their spirit.  

Enjoy the Journey and always remember to Live in Awareness, Live In-spirit and Live IN LOVE.



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