Awareness: Hello Lovers!

Many of you are standing on the Cusp of Truth! You have been shifted without being fully aware. Your eyes are being opened. You're looking around thinking to yourselves: Something is different!

Yes loves! The universe could not wait for you to open up on your own. So events have been unfolding to stop you in your routine and shake you!

And now you're paying attention, and your souls in a state of anticipation of "what next?"

Those of us who are a hair's step ahead of you are celebrating your expanding awareness, though you've been shoving many of us up that we've had to work hard to stay grounded! But we thank you! We've been awaiting your awakening!

Listen. Just be still. Allow what is happening to unfold. Be gentle on yourself and develop fearlessness. Tap into your hearts and ask for them to be opened so the Highest Love can begin to enter into your lives.  Because divine love, creative love is the ultimate force, it will move you where your spirit has been trying to go!

Pay attention to the magical instances that will occur in your lives. People will disappear from your world and more people that are becoming aware will start showing up in your life.

Listen to that inner voice that will start to get louder. Trust it. It's your Divinely Guided voice! It's been waiting for this moment.

This evolution has been a long time coming. You are about to shift into your best life experience. See the chaos of change as the precursor to amazing changes!

And here is a special message that was shared with me that I am going to share with you. When I was coming into my own spiritual journey, I was told all the changes I was going through was because my spirit was ascending. 

So am I am telling you the same: YOU ARE ASCENDING! If it is happening to you then embrace it completely. It means that you are already on path and everything is laid out ahead of you. Just start walking with confidence, that everything you need will show up right on time to enhance this amazing experience!  

We are excited for you as your veil begins to fall away! Open your ears. Learn to quiet your mind. And get ready for amazing things to unfold!

Ask for love to flood into your life! Roll in the deep!

Live in Awareness. Live In-Spirit. Live IN Love.



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