The Flow Of Universal Divine Order.

The universal order and the personal order are nothing but different expressions and manifestations of a common underlying principle.
-Marcus Aurelius

When was the last time you sat outside on a clear night and observed the luminaries? They are sitting silently in the dark sky, moving along at their pace in cosmic order. Nothing is out of place, and none of them are falling out of the sky. There is an invisible force that they seem to follow, and therein lies an important lesson for us.

We humans are a part of this vast Universe. We are wonderfully made and our souls consist of the same chemical materials that make up and govern the stars and their movements. So it would stand to reason that this force plays an important role in our lives, but only if we acknowledge and allow it.

On our planet, we have fallen under the lure of the Ego. By forgetting that we are mostly energy based creatures; we fall into this behavior of control. We believe we must do this. We believe must do that to be happy. We believe we can make things happen by much effort; and we can in some cases. But it is the result of our efforts that hold an important key that will help us to understand a much bigger picture. 

When we get in-sync with the force of theUniverse, the naturalness of our beings, we would not have to struggle so hard to experience life and all that it has to offer. Along with dealing with the created ego, there are the choices that come with this tiny caveat called Freewill. While the Universe does have a flow we can blend with, freewill allows us to deviate. But if we pay attention to what happens when stars go off course, if we pay attention to cause and effect, we get a clear understanding of the divine wisdom behind Universal Flow.

If every luminary, every bit of nature follows its unique path for movement and growth, it receives all that it needs. When we take the slightest effort to align ourselves properly with the creative force, changes start to take place in our lives. We fall into a peaceful rhythm of sorts. We also find our energetic balance just like the solar system. If each of us stood still and quietly went into our soul when faced with any situation, asked: “What am I meant to do?” or “Where am I meant to go” and knowing that there is a force we can lean into for direction, our lives will fall into place.

This is the secret of successful people who live solely by Spirit. Those who are being divinely guided in most cases, end up exactly where they are supposed to be, doing exactly what they are meant to do with the people they are meant to collaborate with in their lives.

In both their personal and professional lives, when they learn to allow the force to guide them, they also avoid much of the disharmony and struggle that goes along with trying to make things fit, as so many of us have done at some point in the past.

I was involved in photography for some years. I was thrown into this creative opportunity by chance and I loved it. It allowed me to be inspired and bring joy to people’s hearts. I met other photographers and built great relationships with them. I thought that maybe I had found my calling. However as much as I learned, as much as I networked, I was never completely passionate and satisfied while doing it. Eventually it became a chore to edit images, shoot in the heat and numerous other things that the photography world entailed. It took one last wedding shoot out of state to put a nail in the coffin for me.

Compare that to the opportunity that Vivadivine has brought into my life. I still get to utilize all the creativity I learned in the past (Was that an accident, or the spirit leading me?) and incorporate my love for helping people. I love sharing this experience with others and am very humbled that others reach out to me for help along their path. For the first time in my life I am in-flow and I can feel this Universal Presence behind everything I do. I worry less about the path for this endeavor and I work less at it too.

The rewards are massive as I am constantly meeting others and building a spiritual practice with lots of support. Recently I was asked to take over a spiritual group and was invited to participate in a healing workshop. There is a brewing opportunity to collaborate with those who have made strides in the spiritual work world. 

There is a steady unfolding that I have come to trust in my life. Allowing this guidance to fully move me along has brought more purpose, love, joy and peace into my life. It eclipses anything I have attempted to do before.

The Universal Flow will move you to your purpose if you allow it. Just like the stars that move in the night sky and stay purposely positioned, you can experience that too if you just remember to be One with it. You will not fall, nor go off course if you stay with Divine Order. It is the most pristine navigational system you could ever ask for as it will never get you lost and it will take you exactly where you should be.  

I am excited as more people are grasping this truth. While most people have had a belief in a Higher Power, we have missed the opportunity to align directly to it so that it can help us properly unfold the beauty of our lives. Now the time is at hand!

This force IS who we are.   

Stay in Awareness. Stay In-Spirit. Stay IN LOVE.


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